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Tammy Jobe
14 Aug 1958-19 Dec 2004
Mother I miss you so much. Life will never be the same. I never appreciated you until it was to late. You never complained about the pain from the cancer, or about being terminally ill at 46. You gave the cancer such a fight. I know we will be together again. I have to believe that so I can make it through another day. All my love Carmen

Bertha, Maxine Jobes
25 Apr 1937-28 Jun 1998
god looked around his garden and he found an empty place he then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face. he put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. gods garden most be beautiful. he always takes the best. he know you were suffering,he knew you were in pain.he knew that you would never get well on earth again.he saw the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to he closed your weary eyelids and whispered "peace be thine".it broke our hearts to lose you but you didnt go alone.for part of us went with you that day God called you home. with love always Ronnie,Mandy,Madison

Edwin W Jobes,jr.
19 Aug 1930-27 Jun 2003
Dont grieve for me for now im free,I'm followingthe path God laid for me.i took his hand when i heard him call i turned my back and left it all.i could not stay another day, to laugh,to love,to work or to play.tasks left undone must stay that way,i found that peace at the close of the day.if my parting has left a void, thin fill it with remembered joy. a frindship shared,a laugh,a kiss,ah yes,these things i too,will miss.i must leave,for God has set me free. with love always Ronnie,Mandy,Madison

Holsman Joey
23 Jun 1962-13 Oct 1989
another dead drug addict, but man could that guy play and funny tune when he was in the mood for it, Joey was a good friend when he wasn't feeding his needs, but he has been dead over ten years but as one of the few that remember him still I feel that I should put this out to the universe as I would hope someone would do the same for me if the shoe was on the other foot. I has alo of good times and wrote alot of good songs and who knows if things had been just alittle different, we might of entertained ourself around the world and made some records for a few thosand people to go yaya down the freeway too but like most things that go wrong this life went way wrong out of control real fast with no brakes or people to get inj the way of selfdistruction, I guess it happens sometimes sooner than latter in some peoples lifes-goodnight dude!?

Steven Paul Johanson
4 Aug 1965-20 Mar 1996
Stabbed to death by an irate motorist after Steve suddenly braked to avoid a cat. The assailants are Latinos in their mid-20's. One is stocky, about 5 feet, 2 inches tall, 150 pounds with short black hair. Another is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, athletic looking, with black hair shaved on the sides and a pony tail. The third, also athletic looking, is 6 feet tall and 190 pounds, with short brown hair. The attackers are thought to have been in a two-door Plymouth Sundance, based on the witness' description and a hub cap found at the scene. Anyone with information about the stabbing or the attackers is asked to call Kirby or detective Sgt. Carlos Miranda, at (408) 277-5283. Those who wish to remain anonymous may call (408) 947-7867. The crime took place Wednesday evening, March 20, 1996 on Snow Drive in South San Jose, California. Steve leaves behind a wife and three small children, ages seven months old to eight years old. Steve had the biggest heart and always with a smile.

F. Mentzer John
Died 1992
Dedicated from his family to the BEST GRANDPA ever!!

Frederick Howell John
20 Aug 1968-20 Jan 2008
We are all missing you so much and always will. We love you kidsocks.

Jamie John
7 Dec 1984-11 Jul 1998
Jamie We miss you a lot and hope you are with Papa And your sister.Love too you always Love Mom,Dad,Jesse Jonathan

Noble John
14 Jun 1965-2 May 2000
You gave your life for the ones you love
You gave your life for a sensless need,
All you wanted to do was be
DJ Fantastic!
You were there from the start,
and will continue to be in our hearts,
and always on our minds.
When we look up in the sky, we see the clouds,
and we know you're looking down on us, with
No doubt!
We hope you are at peace
Just keeping looking out like you always did.
You weren't just a friend, you were our
big brother.
We love you now and forever!
See you soon.

Richard Murray John
4 Jun 1933-4 Jun 1990
I lost dad just 6 years ago now and am still dealing with it, all I can do when I start to feel the sadness of his abscence I read his final statement. Rest In Peace
Safely Home

I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.
All the pain and grief is over,
Every restless tossing passed;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in Heaven at last.
Did you wonder I so calmly
Trod the valley of the shade?
Oh! but Jesus' love illuminated
Every dark and fearfull glade.
And He came Himself to meet me
In that way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus' arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or dread?
Then you must not grieve so sorely,
For I love you dearly still;
Try to look beyond earth's shadows,
Pray to trust our Father's Will.
There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand;
Do it now, while life remaineth__
You shall rest in Jesus' land.
When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you home;
Oh, the rapture of that meeting,
Oh, the joy to see you come!

Not much to go on and I am not a very religious type but it the end what else can you believe in? I love you Dad and wanted to get your name in cyber space, I sure could have learned from you dad, and we had so little time to do that!

Smith John
6 Jun 1966-14 Mar 2008

James Michael Johns
Died Sep 2006
You are well looked after my little angel. I miss you more than I can say and I could never tell you how sorry I am. Remember me as I will always remember you. I love you sweetheart, more than words could ever say.

I'll see you soon my little angel, look after yourself.

Love Mummy x

Mark George Johnsen
12 Apr 1962-27 Oct 1991
As yet another anniversary of your death goes by, I find myself thinking or you even more than usual. You are never far from my thoughts and when the geese are flying I know you're looking down at us and wishing that you can be here with us. The last 7 years have been so hard without you. The whole family has changed so much since your death. We will never be whole again. As the rest of us all grow older you will be forever 29. You would be surprised at the changes that have taken place since you left us. How the kids have grown. You would be so proud of Nick. He is growing up just like his dad. A little crazy, But very much loved. Charlie has gotten married and is expecting a baby of his own. Somehow I think that you already know all of this. I feel you near us always. Keep watch over us until we are all together again. You are very loved and missed. Your big sister Panama

1 Sep 1935-19 Aug 1994
There is not a day that goes by when I don't think of you. When you left this world, I think that you took a little bit of every one that you knew. I remember when Mom was in the hospital, I came to stay with you and Auntie. You made me feel like I was one of your own kids. You brought me to work with you and made me feel like a "big shot", even though I probably asked too many questions and got in the way a lot. Although no one can take my Dads place, Uncle Jerry, you were like a second father to me. You are greatly missed by myself, and the whole family. You will always have a special place in my heart.
I love you Uncle Jerry

Your Nephew,

Anntoinette "Toni" Johnson
28 Oct 1948-24 Sep 1998
A wonderful mother, gram, sister and friend. Life gave you a couple of hard knocks mom, you tried to fight but you lost.We miss you so much mom, 49 is way to young to go. I hope one day we can meet again In case I didn't tell you enough... I Love You!! Traci Lee, always your daughter

Corey Johnson
We all miss you here in Katy, and we hope to see you soon. Take care of Ricky. Phillip Didn't mean it and i just wanted you to know that. Love ya! Alicia

David M. Johnson
1974-Jul 1995
The day you chose to leave us was a dark day in my life. I wish I could have showed you how much you were loved. It's been over 4 years, but I miss you more and more every day. Your smile, your hugs and your laughter are still close to my heart. I feel guilty for not being at your memorial service, but I couldn't bring myself to face it. I can't wait to see your smiling face again. "I tried all night not to break down and cry As the tears rolled down my face. I felt so cold and empty Like a lost soul out of place." -Something to Believe In (Poison) God bless. God keep.

Eddie Johnson
25 Jun 1985-26 Oct 1999
eddie was everything to me not only my baby brother but my world. eddie a fun loving free spirited teenager. his big blue eyes and that wonderful smile could and would light up a room and always my heart.the person who could turn a bad day into a day filled with smiles and laughter. i miss you so much. i hope you know how much you meant to me. i love you your big sister annie

Elizabeth Johnson
I don't want to lose you but I'm going to have too. You're being taken away from me, so far away it makes me scream. Please don't go can't you see that I love you? Can't you see that? Please love me and stay here with me do go away. I couldn't bear that. You make me tear up inside and make me hurt terribly. Please stay, don't go. I love you. And I will always and forever!

Erik Johnson
1 Mar 1975-10 Aug 1996
You will never know how much you are missed. I love you, and miss you. Love, Tara

Homer Johnson
8 Apr 1972-5 Nov 2002

Jill Johnson
Febuary 1979-5 Oct 1996
Jill; a friend, a daughter, a sister, a teammate, a helper. A longtime member of the Ann Arbor Hockettes she ment a lot to everyone she new. She touched the lives of so many and was taken from us a few months before he 17 birthday. Everything she gave to all of us will stay with us for years to gome

Jimmy Johnson
8 Apr 1986-30 Jul 1999
Jimmy was my son and a brother to two. He was a vibrant 13 year old and was always full of life. He was killed on July 30, 1999 in Louisiana. Jimmy had lived in Richland, MS and Enterprise, MS prior to his death. He was a wonderful artist who could draw anything you wanted. Jimmy was loved by everyone who met him. He has 2 remaining brothers TJ and Corey. Jimmy died along with his best friend, which is the way that they would have wanted it because where you saw one you saw the other. He was a wonderufl child and a pure joy to be around. Jimmy loved music and reading also. He is and will forever be misses by all who knew him. Those that never had a chance to know Jimmy or Johnny really missed out. We love both of you and miss both of you terribly but we will be together again.

JR, Dennis David Johnson
13 Apr 1977-7 Nov 1998
You were one of the best friends that anyone could have. While I may not understand your reason for taking your own life, you must have thought of it as your way out. I will miss you the rest of my life. Your father asked me to be a pallbearer at your funeral on behalf of the family and although you may not believe it, real men do cry. My heart goes out to your soul and the family that you left behind. You are already missed. Your friend for life, Matt Luke 16:19-31

Larry E. Johnson
10 Aug 1948-25 Dec 2000
All the pain and grief are over, ever restless tossing past.

I am now at peace forever, safely home in Heaven at last.

It came to me on Christmas morn, the greatest be reborn!

To see again, and walk once more. To be the man I was before.

Don't cry for me, I'm not a drift. I just received the perfect gift!

I'll watch over you with loving care, until at last, I see you there.

So dry your tears, and smile for me. God's Christmas gift as set me free!

With all my love "until the 12th of Never" Larry,
love, Alice

Leroy Johnson
Died 1972
To my great uncle Leroy though we never met I still love you very much

Lottie Johnson
1920-17 Nov 2010

Marilyn H. Johnson
13 Nov 1924-24 Mar 1996
Beloved wife for 46 years of Roland A. Johnson, loving mother of Linda, Carol and Nancy, special grandmother of Jennifer, Christine, Julie, Michael, Laura and John. Great-grandmother of Natalie and Alex. This brave and courageous woman had more than her share of health problems and never complained. She lived with M.S. long before they knew what M.S. was, but the cancer was her final foe. It was quick and devastating. We all miss her greatly. She was a true example of courage.

Mark R Johnson
25 Dec 1957-3 Sep 1992
He's Secret Psychology Man,
He'll squeeze your brain into a can,
The more that you scream.
Your life he will scheme,
He's... Secret Psychology Man!

You'll think you'll go free,
But in your shorts you will pee,
Because of... Secret Psychology Man!

Words you'll mumble,
while in a jacket you stumble,
Because of... Secret Psychology Man!

You might as well give in,
For your mind's full of pins,
Due too... Secret Psychology Man!

Michael Johnson
Apr 1974-Mar 1998
It's been 3 years but I know everyone that knew you thinks about you all the time. I just want you to know I think about you everyday and dream about you every night. I hope your happier where you are. Atleast you're safe now! I will see you again one day. You were my true love I still have'nt felt for anyone the way I did for you who knows if I ever will!! Love, Melissa

Pete Johnson
18 Jan 1961-1981
To my best friend and my brother Peter,I have only just found out you were only 20 when you died,not 21 as i was told.I ave sent for your death certificate as i dont even know when you died,just the year.I remember your funeral but blanked every thing about it.I miss you everyday, we never got the chance to grow up together and you will never see your family .I blame our dad he sent u away and sent me and elaine a different place.i never saw you again when i saw the box you were in i cried and cried as it told me it was real i am 50 now and havent seen you for 40 years Elain who is a psychic feels you around often..I love you peter cya again 1 day all my love from your sister dawn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robert Alfred Oliver Bruce Johnson
8 Aug 1929-30 Dec 1999
ROBERT ALFRED OLIVER BRUCE JOHNSON. [BOB]. 1929 - 1999. There are several things that I can say about this man. He was a proper character, a person who liked to have fun and a person who loved his wife and family dearly. He doted completely on all of his grandchildren, both at home and abroad and was always willing to help out if asked by others. A race walker, he was known as 'The Dark Horse Of Doncaster' to all who knew him at his height in 1958 in the Sheffield Star Walk. He was fiercely competitive, a keen gardener and Francophile and always liked a good old fashioned argument. Above all, I will remember him for everything he has taught me. We are so alike in a lot of ways, my dad and I. I will always love him and miss him dearly. May God find some quiet corner of His garden for my dad to find eternal rest in, especially if there are red roses nearby. He used to say that his initials stood for Right Ancient Old Beggar. He probably was, but I can never forget his character and sense of fun. Life was fun to him. May mine be the same to me. God bless Dad. Your son, Rob.

Seth Patrick Johnson
5 Dec 1993-10 Apr 1994
My baby cousin Seth was just the most adorable babythere could be. He was only four months old when he died of SIDS, but he did a lot. He made everyone happyand was a very happy baby. His parents did everything tomake him happy. But one late night my aunt, his mother, tried to wake himup for a bottle. But he wouldn't wake up. The only thing I remember was the phone ringing and my dad getting up and leaving in the middle of the night. The next morningI found out what happened. I didn't go to school for three days. But the funeral was nice, and even though his parents never talk about him, I always think of him. Like on his birthday he would be doing this, on this day he would do this. I have never forgotten him and never will. I will love him forever, even though I never knew him well. Survived by mother Therese, father Bruce, sister Carly, grandmother Mary Lou, many, many cousins and family.

William A. (Bill) Johnson
29 Jul 1957-4 Apr 1984
In memory of Bill Johnson. WE MISS YOU! Love, Matt, Jeff, David, Rusty, & Candy

Alfred E. Johnson Jr.
16 Nov l905-14 May 1982
The smartest, kindest man I ever knew. I miss him terribly.

Sally Murriel Johnson-Hill
15 Oct 1927-21 Oct 1993
My momma What can I say? God only gives you one.My best friend. She believed and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for her peace.I love yoy mama where-ever you are I love you and hope you will come get me when it's my time to go.I look forward to seeing you againThe good Lord keeps his promises.,

Sally-Murriel Johnson-Hill
15 Oct 1927-21 Oct 1993
I miss my mother very much. She is with the Lord Jesus because she believed in him and is saved by grace.She was a homemaker, a grandmother and a friend of many.My best friend.

Brenda Jo Johnston
2 Apr 1953-5 May 2003

Cecil Lewis Johnston
16 May 1932-12 Sep 1999
This is our very special double cousin. He's related to us by birth and marriage. He died of lung cancer on sept. 12th, 1999 and will be missed by all. Love, Etta, Ruthie, Amanda, Clayton, Nathan, Roy and family, betty and family, little roy and family, alan and family, jennie victoria and family, kelly and family, delbert, janice, tim and family, and all the smiths, johnsons, stiners, johnstons, and spencers who knew and loved him.

Clyde Golden Johnston
10 Jan 1904-Jun 1973
It`s hard to explain how I feel about this man,I have never met.A good man I say to myself for this is how I will believe that he was.TO CLYDE: you are my bioligical grandfather, I know that you can see me and that times of been hard on you,I have spent a number of years pondering over the Idea of what you might be like,you had a son,a very brave and smart son that did good in life I know you would be proud, even though you never got a chance to know him. I know he wonders sometimes why,you had to be apart but he would never admit it.I`am his son yes your grandson I wish things could have been different,but god knows best I hope.In my heart in a funny way I love you and miss you,funny how do you love and miss someone you dont know,I DONT KNOW. but we do. L kaye Johnstone L k taylor jr. L

Glenda Edwina Scott Johnston
9 Mar 1936-9 Apr 1991

J. Michael Johnston
19 Jul 1976-10 Feb 1995

Margret Johnston
13 Nov 1928-11 Aug 2001
im 14 and i lost my grandma a couple months was unexpected. she lived with us ever since i was born she was home everyday.things werent going good to start with my girlfriend of a year broke up with me then things went down hill i thought about suicide but my grandma and family kept me from doing it. then she fell and broke her ankle and went into the hospital. they found things wrong. something with her blood it had low red blood cells or something. she had a went fine.then they found lumps in her lungs. nobody wanted her to have the biopsy.if she did have cancer it would matter. she couldnt do kemotherepy cause she wouldnt have made it. radiation would burn her skin. because her skin torn and bruised they did the biopsy.and moved her into the physical therepy building and everything was fine. my mom left at 8 o clock. then at 11:00pm the hospital called and said she was having breathing problems my mom and dad and sister thought it was fine.i was asleep. we've had this happen alot with her. and shes been fine. so my mom called my uncle and they went to the hospital they arrived at 11:45 she arrived a couple minutes later. my mom saw the chaplen coming with the doctor and my mom started screaming and crying they let her and my dad and uncle back to see her. and my mom talked for a minute then said to my grandma" its ok to let go" so my grandma took a couple breaths and died. she died at 12:01 AM. so i woke up and my dad came up the stairs but i guess he wiped the tears before he came up and told me she died. i couldnt believe it. she was all ways there. now shes not. we went to the funeral. and i said bye. i miss her. when i came home from the first day of school no one was there to say how was your day like always. no one does now. i still have had thoughts of suicide. thanksgiving rolled around and we celebrated my moms,sisters,grandmas,and aunts birthday cause they were all born in november. it didnt feel like thanksgiving. there was no turkey smell when you woke up. we went to my other sisters house for thanksgiving. it still wasnt thanksgiving for me. christmas wont be christmas either.i have no grandmas or grandpas. anymore. i wish she didnt have to go now. just one more christmas just one more thanksgiving. we found out she did have cancer that day but the doctor was going to tell her that night. she died not knowing. i miss her. theres a big hole inside me. this house seems empty without her. even if we did sometimes get into fights and yell. i still loved her through it.lifes gotten a lot harder for some of us.i just wish i could have told her i loved her no matter how loud we yelled. she was with us ever since i was a baby she lived with never going to be the same

Nolan Johnston
13 Aug 1969-10 May 2001
God, I miss you so much. I wish more than anything I could go back. I told you a million times I'd do anything for you and I failed you that day. I'm sorry, that's all I can say, I'm sorry. I should've been there as a friend for you. I hope that if you're watching me, that you'll forgive me. I still love you and I always will, forever.
Everyone at church is doing good. We all remember you, not that we can ever forgot the man who came and brought life and music to us.
Every day is hard, Nolan. I've got some great friends helping me out, but getting through this is something that I've had to do mostly on my own. God is constantly giving me strength, but it's still hard. Every day I think of you and I know I'll never be the same.
I hope that I will see you again, I can hardly bear the thought of never seeing you ever again. I miss everything about you. I think every day if only I could've had one more day...just one more day, I wouldn't've wasted it.
I'm trying to hold onto the good times, Nolan, trying to remember you that way, instead of sick. Somehow I can only remember you in the hospital though.
I talk to your sister some. She's doing fine. So are your friends. I'm keeping them in my prayers as I know they are for me. It's so hard. Everyone loved you and you left so many people who loved you.
I'm going to keep going Nolan. I'm going to college in the fall and I'm going to get a good job and get married and have a family. I'm going to name my first child after you. It'll be a boy, I'm sure of it.
I wrote a poem, well, I've written a lot of poems, but here's my short one:

A turn of time
A twist of fate
A lot of love
And no more hate
It only takes a second
To take someone away
So we must learn
To live and love each day

I miss you so much. You were the best friend I've ever had, and I just want to say thanks for everything. I owe you my life a thousand times over again. I'll never take even one of the days I spent with you for granted. Thank you so much for everything.

Paul Johnting
29 Jan 1927-2 Dec 1992
My Dad was the kindest man I've ever known. He died of lung cancer in 1992. There is not a day that goes by I don't think of him. He has missed so much in my life, I didn't have him to walk me down the aisle when I got married. My Baby was born in Sept of 97, now my baby will never feel the joy of loving him. I miss him so much. I know if he could have changed anything in his life he would never started smoking. He told me that many times. He knew it would kill him someday and it did. He never lead a healthy life because of the cigarettes. But he couldn't stop smoking. I miss him so much and I love him with all my heart. I will never forget you Dad.

Randall ( Shawn ) Joiner
26 Sep 1975-31 Mar 1995
Shawn was 19 years old when he was murdered. His life was just begining.He had a beutifull daughter who was 2 years old at that time who he loved so much.she loved her daddy to!We miss and love him so much .The last thing my son said to me was i love you momma i will tresure those words for the rest of my life .Shawn i love you to! We will Always Remember ! Moma " Crystal

Steve Joiner
2 Jun 1960-16 Aug 1997
Steve You will always be remembered in my heart . Myself as well as your family and friends will never forget the warmth and geniue love you had for the people you cared about . Myself, I will never forget you my truly best friend and my lover . Life was in many ways very cruel to you . But now you will never have to worry again . You will always as before have a place in my heart . Veronica

Frances Jolly
16 Aug 1917-14 Mar 1995
My wonderful Mother who raised me all alone was taken away by breat cancer. She is missed SO much. I love you Mom, I always will.

Christa Catherine Jones
25 Aug 1977-2 Nov 1993
Christa Catherine Jones is a light that will always remain lit in our hearts forever. Although her death removed her living body from this earth, her spirit remains in our lives giving us courage and strength. Christa- I will always remember you as a smiling happy teen who loved to make others laugh, make us happy, help others, and bang on that bass drum! Your friends from Mendham High School and Cary High School will never forget you. I love you! Your death made me sad but remembering you makes me happy. When ever I am sad I think of you and I become happy.

Christa Catherine Jones born in New Jersey on August 25, 1977. Lived in Chester, Nj until her junior year in high school when she moved to Cary NC. Here she lived until November 2, 1993 when she and her friend Lyndsay took their own lives for reasons we will never know. Christa- I love you and miss you greatly!

Claire Louise Jones
28 Mar 1973-5 Dec 1994

Enid Mary Jones
22 Apr 1926-4 Sep 1999
MUM You are missed so much by all of us God Bless. Rest in Peace. All our love Pat & Alan

Eric David Jones
10 Nov 1966-27 Mar 1997
Eric David Jones,30,died in his sleep due to heart attack.In his life,he was born in Cleveland,Ohio to Jamil A. Ghani & Gwendolyn Byannes.He graduated from John Marshall Senior High in June 1985,soon after enrolled at Cuyahoga Community Collage-East, in which he had obtain a degree in the Culinary Arts.Eric was also a loving husband and father-to-be.Eric David Jones is survived by wife Latonia Jones,brothers Greg Tyes,Mu'eed Ghani,Tshombe Ghani,sister Zubaidud Ghani. Funeral service will be held at Mt.Sinai in Cleve land,Ohio April 2,1997,9:30 A.M.

Ethel May Jones
6 Sep 1920-11 Oct 2001
in loving memory of our dear mother,forever missed,forever remembered. alan and family

Gareth Glyn Jones
7 Jun 1954-29 Jul 2007
Glyn died of throat cancer at the age of 53. He left three children, who he will never see properly grow up. But having said that, I do like to believe he is watching over us. Unfortunatly he will never walk his eldest daughter down the aisle, see his second daughter grow up or buy his son his first legal pint. But I know he will be there for every single situation we go through. We all miss you Dad and everyday is painful without you.
Love you lot's
Amanda, Victoria and Rhys

George Henry Jones
18 Aug 1925-29 Apr 1998
dearest father,taken so suddenly,we love and miss you.we hope the angels are looking after you.god bless. alan and family

Glenn "Shrimpy" Lamont Jones
Jul 1969-8 Jan 1995
Shrimpy, you were a great friend and a great person. We all love you and missyou dearly. You were murdered - taken from us wrongfully - shot in the middle of a field and no one but your murderer heard your pain. For months we could not find you and prayed that you were alive. We all prayed for you so hard and we pray for you now and hope that you are at peace in God's light. When we finally found out that you were gone, we cried in anger, sadness, and relief that we finally knew what happened to you. Your family and friends packed the walls and the outside of the little church for your funeral and it was absolutely beautiful. We think about you everyday and pray that those who did this to you will come to justice.

We miss your big heartwarming smile, your generous and always friendly personality, your wacky dances, your funny catch phrases, and your big hugs. Juke, Robin, Lisa, Tammy, the rest of your friends and family - LOVE YOU!!!

Hazel Jones
30 Aug 1919-8 Aug 1999
To my dear Grandma, May you rest happily knowing that the cat has been fed and the garden watered. Sadly missed by Michael, Roslyn and Maria

Henry Alexander Jones
Born 13 Sep 1918
To my father whom was loved very much by all who encountered him. Faithful to the United Methodist Church. I shall never forget you daddy. I loved you so much that it hurts me to know that you gone but only asleep and at home with Our Father in Heaven.I love you and so does your family you left behind.

Jeffrey Jones
27 Jul 1969-7 Feb 1999
This memorial is dedicated to the memory of Jeff or 'Bowlegged J. A friend of mine as well as many others, he will be, and is sorely missed by us all. He will be a constant reminder to me of what society has become today. Another young black man killed in a senseless murder. When will it end? Love, Kylah P.

Jeffrey Jones
14 Feb 1981-7 Feb 1998
Jeff, this dedication is for you. Jeffrey Jones was a very bright and courteious student at Northern Senior High School in Detroit, MI. He was loved by all of the staff members, students, and parents. He had a personality all of his own with a will to help people to the best of his ability. I remember when I first met Jeff, I was working for the Summer Youth Employment Program and he was also. When I first saw him, I thought that he was just another person. I did think he was cute but I thought to myself "Not my type". So as time went on, our friendship grew into something more and I began to realize to myself that I had developed a crush on him. One night I had the courage to write him a letter and I was going to give it to him the next day but by that time I was informed that he had been killed. Jeff was shot and the reason is still unknown. I wish that I could find out who could do such an awful thing, but I leave the punishing up to God. As I write this memorial, I just sit back and think about all of the conversations and laughs that we shared. It hurts me because I never got a chance to tell him how I really felt about him. I guess now he knows.

Jeffrey was in his junior year in high school when he passed (C/O 1999). He left behind a mother, father, and 9 sisters and brothers. He was an honor student, participated in extracurricular activities such as: Student Council, Debate, Business Professionals of America, Student Government, and he also was employed by the United States Customs. He was as extraordinary young man with a bright future. He will never be forgotten in my heart.

Jeff, I know you are resting in peace right now, and I just wanted to let you know that your friendship and your kindness will never be forgotten.

With Love Always
Desirea Showers C/O 2000
Your schoolmate - Northern High School

Kathryn Jones
Died 13 Mar 2000
Our beloved Mother, Sister, Aunt,and Friend is gone althought it seems like it wasn't real. It doesn't feel like shes gone cuz we all made her live and she'll always live in us

The Family of Kathyrn Jones would like to that you all for your prayers sympthy and many cards and acts of kindness and the compassion you have shown towards us

Thank you and God Bless

Jones,Snowden,Armstrong Family

Lance Jones
22 May 1968-27 Nov 1998
This is to my brother, who I believe took his own life by a heroin overdose. Lance,I just want to know why if you felt so unhappy with your life, why did'nt you call me? Me, the sister who always took you in when no one else would. I want to believe your finally happy but it's still so hard to realize im not going to see that goofy face of yours. He would have made a great daddy if only he would overcome the pull of drugs. What will I tell my boys Lance? It all seems so strange that the first time I ever told you I loved you was after you were dead and laying before me in that casket. Please just know that mom and dad did love you and thought about you every day. We all never knew where you were from one day to the next, if we had,we would have made an effort to find you. The big thing Im dealing with now is that im not so sure I would have tried to find you because of the last time we saw each other 2 years ago, you made me so angry, therefor I myself did not want to see or talk to you, if I had would you still be here? I know its a little to late but I'll say it now. Lance, I love you, rest in piece.

Lori Jones
10 May 1972-2 Sep 1985
Lori even though it's been years since you were killed by a drunk driver. You are still always in my prayer and everyday thoughts I Love and Miss you so much. Your Friend Sharon. Please Dont Drink and Drive!!!!!!

Margaret Dean Jones
29 Sep 1929-7 Jan 1981
This is a memorial to my mother Margaret Dean Jones. Mom, it's been almost 18 years since you left me to be with Jesus. But it seems like only yesterday. The pain is still so real to me. You have missed so much. You were only gone for 7 short months when your first grandchild came into the world. I called for you many times while I was having him. I wanted you to be there. You always wanted a grandchild. But somehow, I believe you were there. Then six years later, I had your granddaughter. You would love her so much. She has your mouth and a lot of your mannerisms. Tracey is now 17 years old and Whitney is 11. They have grown up so fast. Daddy is alright,but,he has never been the same since you left us. He's very lonely. He misses you so much.We all do.I am glad that you are free from pain now and in the care of Jesus. The cancer took you from us too soon. We had so many good times left to share. But I know that we will meet again someday. Until then, you rest easy and look forward to the day when we will all be together again in Heaven. I love you mommy. I miss you. Always Your Little Girl,Star.

Mary E. (McIntire) (Conaway) Jones
27 Jul 1904-21 Oct 1981
Mary E. Jones was born in Mannington WV. July 27, 1904 to AI Elbert McIntire and Sarah M. (Straight) McIntire.Mary E.Jones was my Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary was married twice first to Howard D, Conaway in the very early 1920's;Aunt Mary and Uncle Howard had two daughters Evelyn and Grace.Uncle Howard passed away November 7, 1957. Aunt Mary then married (in late 1958 or early 1959) to D.Nelson Jones D. D. L.; Uncle Nelson passed away November 12,1961. Aunt Mary was my mother's only sister to live passed childhood. There were Five children in all Kenneth, Mary, Millard, Virginia, and Ethel. Millard and Virginia passed away when they were only children. Although there was an eleven-year age difference, Aunt Mary and mother were very close to each other all their lives. Aunt Mary was stricken with polio as a child and (although she never thought of herself as handicapped) was affected with a "crippled leg". However she never let her "crippled leg" slow her down one bit even after falling and breaking it in mid-life, she only enlisted the aid of a crutch. Aunt Mary was one of the sweetest and kindest persons I've ever known. She had such kind, gentle, and loving ways; she was truly a Jewel here on earth. Aunt Mary and Uncle Howard moved to Elyria, Ohio around 1947. There she worked as a telephone operator for the Ohio Bell Telephone Co. for many years and Uncle Howard worked for the National Tube Co. in Lorain, Ohio until his death in 1957. For my brother Kenneth and I it was a joyful time when they would come home to Mannington, WV. to visit. As children Kenneth and I could hardly wait between visits. Having no sons of their own Kenneth and I were their "boys" and they "spoiled us with kindness". Likewise having no daughters, to my mother's their daughters were her "girls". Aunt Mary passed away of heart failure at the age of seventy-seven years. We are all Thankful for the time God let us spend with her while she was on this earth. All of us loved her with all our hearts. Although it's been many years since her death those of us that are left, still miss her presents in our lives very much. Aunt Mary is resting now at Brook Dale cemetery in Elyria,Ohio.------IN LOVING REMEMBRANCE------ AUNT MARY WE STILL CHERISH THE MEMORIES OF ALL THE GREAT TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER AND MISS THEM VERY MUCH. WE WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND THINK OF YOU VERY OFTEN, MAY GOD HOLD YOU CLOSE IN HIS LOVE.--- DAVID, BETTY AND FAMILY

Michael Jones
12 Sep 1979-3 Feb 1993
This is for my wonderful brother who I want everyone to remember. I love my brother and I know that he would want me to always try my best and be the best that I can be. Michael was always a loveling person. I want him to know that I think about him everyday and I pray that I will one day see him in heaven. Always remeber that whosoever calls upon the name of the LORD shall be saved. Jesus loves you. In rememberance of Mr. Michael Kendric Jones. We Will Always Remeber and Love You!

Michael Jones
13 Jan 1982-27 Mar 1992
Michael, you were a beloved son, brother and friend! I am very sorry i never got to say good bye!!! You will always in my heart, and never forgotten!!! Thank you for the time we had and being the best friend i ever had!!!! R.I.P.
With never ending love, your best friend,
Tyson Cox

Nathan Lee Jones
16 Apr 1997-16 Apr 1997
Our Little Angel in Heaven, Nathan was a beutiful 4lb 13 oz baby boy who was needed in heaven much more than here on earth. His Daddy and I miss him very much and wish he were here everyday. He was born 6 weeks premature and his lungs just were'nt developed enough. I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as were living our baby you'll be.

Patrick Jones
29 Jul 1947-9 Oct 2000
It's been almost a month since you left me my beloved PackRat,I and the cats still listen for your voice and the sound of your steps,Patrick I love you and miss you so much,I hope that you are near by for me.

Robert James Jones
18 Sep 1968-9 May 1995
No matter how busy or upside down his life was, he always had time for a friend. Thanks for all the times you spent turning my frowns into smiles.

Anne Rolien Joosten
25 Oct 1968-27 Aug 1993
Lieve Anne,

Het leven was voor jou te zwaar!
Je kon niet meer!
Jou strijd gestreden.
Ik mis je nog alle dagen, maar heb diep respekt voor je keuze.
Ik hoop dat je die rust gevonden hebt die je zocht.
Die je in het leven niet kon vinden.

Lieve Anne ik hou van je en mis je!

Liefs Fabiola

Albina (Rapozo) Jordan
23 Aug 1876-14 Jun 1923
Loving Great Aunt and dedicated Mother of many.

Baby Jordan
Died 26 May 2005
To my angel who left me at 14 weeks! although we never had a chance to meet face to face in my dreams i meet you every nite! you have a new baby brother now Codie - B! wen he is older i wil tel him all about you!
i know your daddy misses you terribly although he doesnt like to talk about it! you were obviously just to beautiful for this world! jus like your sister before you!
i love you my angel! watch down on us!
untill we meet again!
lots of love and cuddles
mummy and daddy and baby codie xxx

Barbara Jordan
February 1936-january 1996
To a dear sorror who made a political difference in America. We were lucky to hear the voice of God and it was Barbara Jordan.

C.J. Jordan
25 Feb 1977-24 Feb 1995
In loving memory of C.J. Jordan who died the day before he turned 18. he was my brother, a son to two parents who are lost in this world without him, and has a son who will never know his love. it's not easy to understand why god takes the angels and leaves the devils here. and it's impossible being me without you. my heart cries but nobody hears. memories haunt me day and night. so much I want to remember, how I try to forget. I buried my childhood along with you. as the dirt covered your casket, pain covered my soul. a sister at your birth a sister at your grave.... your sister for always.

Charles Earl Jordan
16 Sep 1928-10 Oct 1994
To a kind and caring grandfather may you rest in your saviou'rs arms with peace

Delina Doreen Jordan
23 Jul 1936-23 Aug 2005
In memory of my dear friend Delina. You will forever be in my heart and always in my thoughts . I miss you very much as will all the other girls that were your caregivers over the years . We all came to know you and love you very much and admired you for the courage you had while you had Olivopontocerebellar atrophy that was onset upon you at such an early age and for the courage you had till the very end.

You are truly the most beautiful person that I have ever known and I know that you are with the Angels now. We will miss your beautiful smile every day that always made our days brighter .

( When I Must Leave You )

When I must leave you for a little while,
please do not grieve and shed wild tears,
And hug your sorrow to you
through the years.
But start out bravely with
a gallant smile;
And for my sake and in my name
Live on and do all things the same,
Feed not your loneliness on empty days,
But fill each waking hour in useful ways.
Reach out your hand in comfort
And in cheer,
and I in turn will comfort you
And hold you near;
and never be afraid to die,
For I am waiting for you in the sky!

-Helen Steiner Rice

Dolly Jordan
23 Nov 1920-10 Feb 2011
To my lovely Nan, I never got the chance to be with you near the end to tell you I love you. I hope you have found Grandad and you are happy again. We miss you so much and I am so proud to have you as my Nan and that you were in my life for nearly forty years. I love you with all my heart.
Your loving Grandaughter xx

Ernest John Jordan
24 Dec 1925-27 Nov 1994
Ernie was one of the most caring and generous people I've ever known. He was a WWII war veterian for the Army. He married Beverly Jean Hall Janurary 13,1944. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Janurary 1994. The 1st time he had a short leave from the war he met his daughter who was 3 months old. Her name is Jackie Lou Jordan born December 2, 1944. After the war he became a Torrance, Ca police reserve officer for approximatly 20 years. He was a heavy equipment opperator by trade. His daughter Jackie gave him 2 grandchildren. Kindra Lynne Hartwell born Aug 1964 & Andrew Mark Hartwell born April 1968. He was also blessed with 2 great grandchildren. Douglas Jordan Lane-Waite born March 1985 & Elisabeth RaNae Hartwell born July 1993. Ernie is loved and missed very much. Love, Kindra

Jeffrey Jordan
29 Aug 1969-27 Jan 2003
My darling husband, I miss you so much. My heart aches for you. I wish I could hold you in my arms and kiss you. You meant the world to me. Your love for me was so beautiful and strong. I wish I knew how I can live without you. Your loving wife, susan

Jessica Jordan
25 Dec 1984-13 Dec 1998
She was a great person and will be very missed. She didn't deserve to die, she never did anything to anyone. Jessica was only 14 at the time and was brutally murdered by one of her close friends. God must have had a better plan for her in heaven or he wouldn't have taken such a great person. She may not have made the best choices in life, but she was and is a very precious girl to many people. Because of someone's stupid choice she had to leave behind her 3 sisters Brittany Jordan, Heather Carlson,Her brother Billy Jordan, Her father Don Jordan, her Two mothers, Debbie Jordan & Normandy Siems, and the rest of her great family.

Jr., Jack Joseph Jordan
23 Oct 1942-2 Mar 1968
In loving memory of a son, brother, and father, Jack Joseph Jordan, Jr. Jackie was killed March 2, 1968 during a Viet Cong ambush a few miles out of Saigon, Republic of Vietnam. He was a loyal person dedicated to the job to which he was assigned. He was buried March 16, 1968 in Columbia, MS - it snowed the next day. Jackie was a wonderful brother who will be forever in our hearts and prayers. Love always, Janet

Mary Jane Jordan
24 Aug 1926-18 Mar 1997
Mom raised eight kids and loved us all very much. she had a rough life, but never complained, she told us all about Jesus. Mom I miss you a lot.Dad misses you a lot too mom. but we will see you in heaven someday. Mom and Dad were married for 55 years. but what a happy time we will have in heaven someday. may God bless you Mom. your loving son Bill

Paul H. Jordan
22 Sep 1943-18 Oct 1998
Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Your passing has greatly changed our views and takes on life. But as things change, the more they remain the same. DADDY WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU. You will always and forever be a guiding light in our hearts. WITHOUT A DOUBT. Keeping the faith and always acknowledging your presence, your children Roxy, Randy, Dez and Bill and all of your precious grandchildren.

Christopher Jordon
13 Mar 1980-24 Sep 2000
And as the walls come down and
As I look in your eyes
My fear begins to fade
Recalling all of the times.

I am too connected to you to
Slip away, to fade away.
Days away I still feel you
Touching me, changing me.


Ayla Lyssandria Jorgersen
24 Apr 1979-4 Sep 2002
A beautiful light left this Earth to go on to a brighter world you will be missed

Albert John Jose
27 Aug 1913-25 Apr 2002
Dearest son of Manuel and Evangelina Jose, may he rest in peace.

Alfred (fred) Jose
14 Nov 1898-24 Nov 1961
Loving son of Antone Sebastian and Maria Alvina (Rapozo) Jose.

May he rest in peace.

Evangelina Jose
17 Dec 1892-3 Jun 1980
A kind and loving Mother who will be in our hearts forever. May she rest in peace.

Georgina Jean Jose
17 Nov 1903-24 May 1986
Georgina (Jean) Myers, Woods was the loving daughter of Antone Sebastian and Maria Alvina Rapozo Jose.
Devoted Mother of Kenneth, Burce, Barbara Jean, Shirley Ann Myers.

Jacintho (jack) Jose
14 Dec 1891-22 Jun 1982
Loving son of Antone Sebastian and Maria Alvina (Rapozo) Jose.
May he rest in peace.

James Jose
21 Sep 1912-26 Sep 1912
Dearest son, and brother. May he rest in peace as one of God's angles.

Maria Alvina Jose
4 Dec 1872-17 Oct 1950
Precious and loving Grandmother, may she rest in peace.

Michelle Anne Jose
24 May 1988-4 Sep 1996
Michelle, You were Daddy's little Princess. One day the angels took you away. I don't know why. But neither the angels nor God will ever know the tears, the agony and the endless love I have for you until the end of time. Tom

Antone Sebastian Jose Sr.
28 Oct 1870-20 Aug 1941
Dearest Grandfather, may he rest in peace.

Manuel Jose Sr.
21 Jan 1890-17 Dec 1962
Dearest Father, a good hard working man who took good care of his family. May he rest in peace.

Sneath Joseph
7 Feb 1984-30 Dec 2006
To the cowboy, a chef, a star hockey player (in his mind), a friend, a son, the love of a young girl's life, a constant planner, dreamer, thinker, lover, fighter, who had his morals and beliefs in mind at all times...

I miss you more than words can ever express.
Somehow I will go on without you though I do not know how that is even possible yet.

I promise in my next life I will find you sooner.
Wait for me like you said you would.

St. Germain Joseph
30 Oct 1893-29 Jun 1972
Papa, as you were called, certainly is remembered daily. It is said that one is not dead as long as they are remembered by someone..believe you are remembered.

Joe Joseph Michael Kielwein
5 Oct 1958-20 Aug 1993
Dear Joe,
You made the best of all situations. You made me laugh. My best friend. "Sisters". I know you are still up to your tricks. I miss you so much. I think of you every day. I'm sorry I wasn't the emotional support you needed at the end. I love you. Tell Andy I said hi. Jim and Timmy Lee too.

Benjie A. Joslin
7 Jun 1958-9 Jun 1996
The Best

Dorothy Mae (neé) MacPherson Josselyn
12 Nov 1909-29 May 1997
"I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free. For His eye is on the Sparrow and I know he watches me." Dearest Nana, How I miss you so. Your blue eyes lit up a room as did your laughter. I hope to remember the happier times and am sorry for the pain others caused you. Please watch over us and keep us safe. Now you are our guardian angel in heaven. I love you so!

Joseph "Todd" Jowers
25 May 1964-13 Oct 1996
...."with a smile on his face.....with a song in his heart".... This is the way many people will remember our son.. Todd,our only son was murdered, for what or by whom we do not know yet! Todd was a loving son, brother, grandson,uncle and friend to everyone! He was always there when I needed him, if only to tell him I Love You! We Love and Miss You so very much!! Our lives will never be the same without you! We know you are in Heaven and we will join you some day for the Great Reunion!! Love Ya, Momma, Daddy, Angel, Beth, & Christy...

We think of you in silence.
And often speak your name
But all that's left to answer
Is your picture in a frame.
If we could have one lifetime wish,
One dream that would come true,
We would pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and you.
If tears could build a stairway
And heartaches make a lane
We would walk our way to heaven

Frederick John Joy
1930, Birmingham, Enghland-28 Mar 1995, Sydney, Australia
Our Father died on Tuesday 28th March at 12:52 am after a long battle with Prostate Cancer. He was cremated on Friday 31st March and his ashes are interred at Castlebrook Memorial Gardens, Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia. Fred is survived by his wife of 44 years - Joan Patricia Joy and his children; Linda (husband David, son Wayne), David (wife Karen, children; David, Greg, Amy, Matthew, Lee), Kevin (partner - Maree Persen).

Charles Raymond Joyce
31 Oct 1931-1 Jan 1991
My Father. I sure do miss him.

Robert John Joyce Sr.
25 Aug 1936-1 Apr 1997
For my Dad who left today, your pain is now ended and you take with you all my love and the love of Alison and the kids. I'll see you again someday dad. I Love You Bob

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