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James Mc Grath
27 Jun 1948-8 Sep 2003
To my husband and best friend, I miss you so much. I am happy you were in my life and you will always be in my heart. Sweet Dreams.

Paul Douglas Mc Rae
21 Dec 1972-11 Sep 1999
There are moments when one special friend makes a difference that noone else can, a friend understands the unspoken words in your always knew what i was thinking, how i was feeling n what i was about to say i amso glad that i had you in my life and grateful the rest of my life that u were the special brother in mine..i love you norm forever and ever.Love Always Your sister Karin.xoxo

Claire Elise Mc Sorley
7 Aug 2002-7 Aug 2002
To our beloved angel who left us all too soon and before we could get to know you. You are in our thoughts and prayers every minute and will love you forever. Our only consolation is that PaPa is there to take care of you and we are sure of that. You are a beautiful, blonde haired baby and your pictures will remain in our minds always. We love you Claire, Gramma, Mommy, Daddy, Caitlin and Morgan.

Kirby L. McAdams
10 Nov 1936-18 Dec 2000
We miss him very much! He will always be remembered, especially for his outgoing laugh. Every person who was fortunate enough to be in his presence was truly blessed. He could always find some humor in a situation when needed. He had many friends who loved him very much. Kirby never failed to make friends anywhere he traveled. Our family will always be grateful for all the love his friends displayed when he was ill. We know he truly appreciated the showing of love in his time of need. We will deerly miss him! We love you, Kiby! Leveta, Edward, Joseph, and David.

Duncan F. McAinsh
16 Aug 1933-5 Jul 1999
This man will be sadly missed. He deserved better than an early death. There is so much more he wanted to do. His message to you ----------- Do it now, you are a long time dead. Thinking of the happy times, the teaching and the respect for you. He never thought he would be on the Internet!!!!! He is! God Bless, See ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Francis McArdle
Died 9 Jan 1997
In memory of my father in law,who was a wonderful person,always smiling and putting others first. His family will miss him deeply and his loss will be felt for a long time.There are not many people who leave this earth who leave their mark behind.I can truly say he did.

Franita McArthur
20 Apr 1915-24 May 1998
My Tia Franita was a big part of my life when I was younger. I though of her as my third grandmother. She was was small and fierce and wise. She smoked cigarettes, and called me Tommy (I can still remember her voice, about to make some pronouncement) but treated me like a grown up and paid attention to me. We had conversations about many things (I wish I remembered more of the details, I have such a bad memory for these things... I remember things in flashes, moments that stick in my mind and are associated with people or things). I remember her standing in my Uncle Shelley's kitchen one year, dressed in her bright Mexican colors, puffing away on a cigarette, lecturing me on something or other. I think it was about college. Several times a year, and always during the Christmas season we would visit either her and Papa Hal (who passed away when I was very young) in their hotel room at the Pacific Shores Hotel in Santa Monica (I always thought it was curious that they lived in a hotel... only now do I make the connection to the fact that they lived in Mexico most of the time), or later, her son's house. She is a part of some of the most meaningful moments of my life growing up, and when she passed away, a part of my life went with her. She died earlier this year. I visited her in the convalescent home shortly before that, and I still can't think about it without crying. It was even harder than when I visited my grandfather the day before he died, because he could at least speak to me (however gaunt and exhausted he was). She was always such a vibrant, vividly alive person, and at that point she could barely say hello to me. I spoke to her for a while... I know that if she could've spoken back to me, she would have offered useful and opinionated advice. What I remember: a corner of the room in the hotel would always have an elaborate diorama with Mexican themes. It fascinated me, just like my Uncle Royce's train settings that he brought out during the holiday season did (when I was young, I had so many Uncles and Aunts, all of my parents friends). She surrounded herself with art and books, when she lived with a son of hers later one, her bedroom had paintings on the wall, and pieces of artwork and books all over. She was an incredible woman who lived a vibrant and full life all the way up to the end, and it was a privilege to have known her and been a part of it. If I can live a life even half as filled with love and adventure and friendship as she did, I will be satisfied. I will cherish and honor my Auntie Franita's memory forever. Thomas Leavitt, February, 1999

Margaret McAuliffe
20 Oct 1933-2 Mar 1999
margaret McAuliffe was born in liverpool england to james and elizabeth McAuliffe ,she was married to carl Hensley in england in 1954 and come to the states she has three daughters carol turner,patricia hardin ,and Brenda Norris,two sons carl james hensley,donald hensley 10 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren and she is loved and missed by all, you were a beautiful person and you toughed so many lifes in the short time god allowed us to have you,we all love and miss you so much,

George Mcbey
4 Mar 1909-3 Jun 2001
Papa we love you and miss you very much. You'll always be in our hearts.

Love You Always
James,Jennifer and James Jr. (Knapp)

Madison Louise McBride
12 Oct 1995-25 Oct 1995
"Our Precious Baby Girl" Madison was born the second of twins and had birth defects that ultrasound did not pick up. Her and her twin sister were flown to Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis. It was there we found out that our Maddie had Goldenhar Syndrom. After 2 surgeries,one of which was open heart surgery and 13 days our sweet baby girl went home to be with Jesus. Madison is missed very much by her Mom and Dad, her 6 year old sister Cassandra, her 2 year old brother Joshua and her twin sister Allison. Madison Louise McBride will forever be in our hearts!

Sally Anne McBride
4 Nov 1973-21 Mar 1997
"The Weenie Wonder". You were just my tiny younger sister, barely grazing the 5-foot mark. How does such a little squirt like you make such a profoundly large impact in our lives? You know, Sal, after you died, Mom and I were talking together on the phone about you. As if her grief isn't shattering enough, she said to me, "I can't imagine what you're going through... you two defined eachother." For a younger sister, you certainly have had a big role in shaping my ideas, my habits, and my moods, not to mention my sense of humor. And now your death is redefining my spirituality as well. When you first died, I truly believed what Nalini had written in her "Victim Statement": that a beautiful day was a day wasted in a world without Sally. Sometimes I still feel this way. On the bad days, I feel like a part of me died with you that day. But, more often than not, I think of that part of your spirit which remains in me. It coerces me into revelling in the sunny days. I hope that I never again take them for granted. And you know, no one appreciates a long stretch of highway, a tent, and a full tank of gas the way you did, and now I aspire to be an "intrepid explorer" as well. Here I am, following in my younger sister's footsteps. Strange how life unfolds. When I was far away in Japan, I remember trying to call you in Boulder. Your roommates reported that they had no idea where you were, and that they had neither seen nor heard from you for days. When you returned with your Husky "Heyduke" a week later, you casually mentioned that you'd gone out to buy milk, but got seduced by the road, and kept driving until you had reached Tuscon, AZ, 18 hours south. Mom probably never knew until she got the bill for her gas card! That's livin', Sal. L.I.V.I.N. You were only 23 when you died, which begs the question: how did you learn so quickly to make every day count? Gramsy can attest to the fact that she knows more than her share of cranky 80 year-olds who haven't figured these life lessons out yet. Maybe the rest of us just need more time than you did. I think that Brother Ben was right when he said, "I'm just graduating from junior high school this year, but you know, Sally graduated from life early because she was so good at it." You sure were. You had life down to an art. You had an incredible knack for making everyone you met feel special, loved, relaxed, and happy. As Benjy said at your funeral, you knew everyone's deepest darkest secrets, not because you asked people, but because people were drawn to you like a magnet, and felt compelled to tell you everything because you were so nonjudgemental and trustworthy. Well, be assured that I'm doing my best to carry on in your stead. You may be dead, but I can learn from your examples. And until we meet again, I hope you continue exploring your path, so that sometime you can share new, uncharted territory with me. Your road goes on foreverl. I love you, Sal. Sensei P.S. In your spare time, keep visiting me in my dreams.

Anna Maria McCabe
1 Oct 1932-8 Aug 1991
In Loving Memory of my dear mother, who lives in our hearts everyday. "The tragedy of life isn't so much what we suffer but rather what we miss." Always in our hearts. Always on our mind. Until we meet again in heaven. Have a Nice Forever.

Charles Mccaffrey
10 Aug 1941-22 Feb 2000
Charles: Your friends will always remember you. We will miss your humor, your sharp mind and sharp tongue. The world will be a little more boring without you. You certainly livened up our lives.

Kathleen (McKenna) McCahey
1955-1 Nov 1996
Kathleen M McCahey, 47, of South Fair St, a librarian for the Providence Public Library system for 20 years, died at home. She was the daughter of Joseph B and Margaret M (Sullivan) McKenna of East Providence, she lived in East Providence before moving to Warwick in 1978. She received a bachelor's degree from RI College in 1971 and a MLS degree from the University of RI in 1974. She was a member of the RI Library Association and President of the Providence Public Library Staff Association. She was also a reference librarian at RI College.

Besides her parents, she leaves two daughters, Caroline McCahey and Shelagh McCahey, both of Warwick, three sisters, Superior Court Judge Maureen McKenna Goldberg of South Kingston, Margaret G Neubauer of Providence, and Ellen McKenna of North Smithfield; and three brothers, Patrick J McKenna of Rumford, Joseph W McKenna of Linclon and William E McKenna of Cumberland.

She was buried at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in East Providence.

Kathleen was a constant source of support emotionally for all of the Knight Memorial Library Staff. We will never be able to express the amount of gratitude for her support. Her mortal earthly life may have been breif compared to other lives, but her this life was significant, strong, bright, kind, loving, and helpful. We will always keep her in our hearts.

May God bless her and ST Joseph Guard her. the Knight Memorial Staff

Nash McCall
18 Oct 1998-25 Dec 1998
Nash, we don't know what is was that made you fly away. I had such high hoes for you. You left in a whisper, without fanfare or drama. Goodbye was never even said. You join your gramma and grandpa and your sibling - Tennessee. How Mommy and Daddy love you both. How sad we are that you are no longer here with us. Yours and Tennessee's deaths were so different. It affects the way we remember, the way we feel about the passing... but not our love for you. You are our children. We love you both more than words can ever say. You are not another pair of names on this list. You are our babies and the most important people in our world. Gramma and Grampa, take care of our children. Tell them the stories of us that we would have told of you. Hold Tenny close for the extra love we would have given. Tell Nash we can understand. We love you all. - Ashli & Bubba

Robert S. McCall
17 Feb 1917-30 Jun 1985
The day my grandfather died was the saddest day of my life. He died before he could see what I made of my life. I wish I had the chance to share it with him. He deserved the better things in life. He gave others so much.

Tennessee McCall
Oct 1996-30 Jan 1997
Tennessee, The day you died the sun went out. We love and miss you. - Ashli & Bubba McCall

Patrica"Patty" Merie Mccallum
You were a great Friend I was glad to be given the opportunity to work with you
see U when I get there

Stacey S.

William Mccance
22 Mar 1979-3 Mar 2003
William M. McCance better known as Billy or Hill Billy, was a great father and friend to anyone that knew him. his best friend, of 26 years, Frank Piel probably knew him best. The two of them were inseperatable. They lived down the street from each other for close to 17 years and when they moved a way from that small town of Ferguson they ended up in an appartment across the hall from one another.
Of course like all friends they had falling outs but they never lasted long. So how after close to 30 years of having a best friend that has be so close do you move on after not being able to say goodbye.
Billy's two child are the spitting image of him. Little Reese is exactly like his father, sweet and kind to everyone, loves the out doors and just being a true boy. Both Kiley and Reese know their father is now an angel watching over them. The rest of the family takes pride in knowing Billy is with us every day and Debbie his mom is in very high spirits knowing her mother is there to take care of him.
In all the years I have known the family they have grown to be part of my own. So what can I say Bill except there are clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right, And here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Charles David McCann
15 May 1969-25 Dec 1995
He was a good son. and a good father. He lived well to the best of his ability

George Hunter McCann
3 Sep 1923-26 Apr 1991
Put out that fag Da, it's doing you no good, put out that fag Da,you know you should, put out that fag Da it"ll be the death of you yet, it was, Goodnight Da We miss you loads, till we meet again all my love and fondest memories Geo

Brenda Carole McCarley
15 Apr 1939-21 Sep 1971
To my mother, who has been gone for almost 28 years: Not a day goes by that I do not think about you. You were the sweetest, most loving mother and even though you were taken from us three days after my sixth birthday, I still remember all the love you gave me and my brother and sister. I will carry you in my heart until we meet again someday. I don't know what could have been going through your mind knowing that you were dying and having to leave us. But know that your children are happy and you have eight beautiful grandchildren. I know you are watching over them. I miss you Mom and I love you. "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning". Your youngest

Donna McCarthy
16 Sep 1942-24 Jul 2000
Goodbye for now
Your life on earth is through
I love everything about you
I want you to know it is true
I can't see you now
But I know you are here
I can feel your love
But I can't seem to wipe away the tears
You had something special
That few people know or shared
But everyone always new
Just how much you cared
So rest in peace Mom
I'll think of you till I see you again
I love you so much now
And I will love you just as much then.
We love and miss you Mom,
Shane, Mikelyn, Kale, Heidi, and Eddie

Joe McCarthy
ca 1932-Jan 1996
give 'em hell, Joe

Terence Albert Henry ( Terry ) McCarthy
8 Sep 1941-23 Oct 1998
In Loving Memory of my much loved and adored Husband Terry. A bright star in the hearts who knew him, may you rest in eternal peace my love knowing that you were loved by so many.I miss you so much darling, but your forever close to my heart... In Loving Memory of our wonderful and courageous Dad... Your memory is our keepsake With which we'll never part, God has you in his keeping We have you in our hearts. Rest is Yours...Sweet Rememberance is Ours... Watch over us always Dad for you are our brightest star... Lovingly remembered by your wife Maria, your Children and Family... Here's lots of butterfly kisses and cuddles for you Poppy. Always Remembered...Always Loved...So Sadly Missed

Lili Robins McCartney
7 Jul 1987-24 Sep 1992
To our precious little Angel Lili who died at home in my arms aged 5years old. Her short life has shaped ours forever, she was born with WAG syndrome, but she learnt to crawl, walk and run eventually. It seemed so cruel that she should develop cancer on top of everything else. Her memory lives on forever in all our hearts we continue to work in our own ways to continue our love for her. through Compassionate Friends and working with other children with disabilities. We will soon all be together in Heaven All our love Mum, Dad, Simon, Kirsty, Adam, Mark and our new little ones Sharon and Daniel

Joey Mccarty
21 Apr 1970-16 May 2002
You are loved and missed by many! You always will be! Wishing you were still here- Mitch, Susan, Cyndi and PJ

Oseola McCarty
7 Mar 1908-26 Sep 1999
Ms. Oseola McCarty, the then 87-year-old washerwoman -- whose $150,000 donation to the University of Southern Mississippi from her life's savings, to provide scholarships for African Americans in need of financial assistance to continue their education sparked national attention in 1995, passed away on September 26, 1999, after a bout with cancer.

Ms. McCarty's homepage:

And check out her books:

"Oseola McCarty's Simple Wisdom for Rich Living" by Oseola McCarty, Shannon Maggio

"The Riches of Oseola McCarty" by Evelyn Coleman

In response to the national media frenzy, she put it simply, "I want to help somebody's child go to college - I just want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and learn. I'm old and I'm not going to live always."

"I didn't know how to do it," she says, "but I wanted to fix up a scholarship at USM so young people could get their education. You can't do nothing nowadays without an education. I don't regret one penny I gave. I just wish I had more to give."

Thank you, Ms. McCarty for your humbleness and selfless act. There should be more people like you, in today's world of suffering, crime, violence, racism and hatred. You were an inspiration to us all and we will never forget you! May you rest in peace

Richard Mccaslin
30 Jan 1922-15 Jan 2000
To my dad a wonderful father and a great friend. You truly were admired by all which in this world is quite an accomplishment.

For you it is but a twinkling of an eye before we will be together again for eternity. Until that day, I shall miss you and will always love you.

Charles Leslie McClain
Charles Leslie McClain
18 Apr 1949-7 Apr 1990
We can only pray that the Joy and peace of seeing you again, will match the sense of total loss and pain that we hold in our hearts since the day of your passing. Missing You Still... My Loving Husband - Linda - our Loving Father - John and Joseph McClain.

Frank(lin)? N. McClain
Feb 1891-19 Jul 1919
Dear Father,Grandfather, we are in constant search of your background and other possible family members. You were shot down early in life, gone but you will never be forgotten. Your Daughter, Nellie, and Grand-daughter, Jeannie J.

Opal Cummins McClain
9 Jul 1926-13 Apr 1997
Mother, you will never know the void that your passing has left in my life. I miss you more each passing day. Things happen every day that I wish I could share with you. It has been two years and I still pick up the phone to call you when I have good news about the kids. Watching you suffer and die made me realize that things that I considered important don't seem that important anymore. My whole outlook on life has changed and I see things much differently. Thank you for your love and support. I will love you always. Teresa

Pat McClain
15 Jan 1947-25 Jun 1982
You have been gone 22 years but I still love you

Forrest R. McClain Jr.
10 Dec 1958-15 Mar 1991
We will never forget you Jr., not even if we live to ve be 100.

Your loving sis.

Herbert McClelland
13 Jul 1927-3 Oct 1999
My precious Daddy died October 3. He was so special. He was the sort of man who would give you the shirt off his back or his bed to sleep in if you needed it more than he did. He loved the outdoors, fishing, kids and his family. He had the greenest thumb of any man I ever knew. He could make anything grow. The biggest thing he ever grew, though, was my love for him. He lived 72 years, but it wasn't nearly long enough with him. I know he isn't suffering anymore. His last few weeks were horrendous, but I still miss him terribly and would give my right arm to see him again. I have cried a million tears, and more seem to come. I wish the whole world could be like Daddy. He was gentle and kind and loving. Daddy, I miss you more than life itself. I love you with all my heart. Your daughter, Teresa

William McClintock
19 Sep 1922-4 Mar 1995
Gigi - we miss you but we hope that Heaven is a nice place to be!

Michael McCollough
16 Mar 1955-16 Apr 1999
Michael, The day you left me I couldn't believe you were gone. How could this be? How could we be parted so soon. The feelings I have for you will never end. When I think of you it brings tears to my eyes and an emptiness that will never be filled. You were not only my lover, but my best friend. All My Love Peggy

Frances Adeline [Ferguson] McCollum
5 May 1935-7 Apr 1995
My aunt Fran was like a second mother to me. Watching her health deteriorate so quickly as her heart and lungs wore out was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. But I remember her laughter, her frank and direct manner, and her spirit, and am grateful to have had her as a mentor. Fran, I think of you so often: when I share a bottle of Riesling or eat canneloni, when I hear a snippet of "Oh Danny Boy", when I walk up the hill on George St., or when I catch a glimpse of your favourite "dragon" sweatshirt in my closet. Rest well and know that I love you.

Heather Julia McCone
8 Nov 1982-7 Aug 1996
Gentle caring those words are the only few of the things I can think of to descibe her I loved her with all my heart I guess it's true The good die young
My dear Gothic I'll miss you always

John G. Mcconnell
19 Apr 1974-30 Sep 2004
Our Johnny was a ray of sunshine. He was a funloving, loving, tender soul who brought laughter and music into our lives. His best legacies are our children and they know how much their daddy loved them.
Johnny left us too soon but will continue to live in our hearts, for ever and ever.
We miss you, Johnnybear!

Rest in peace and enjoy heaven.

We love you!

Rosalee McConnell
Unknown-July 1985
I never did get to meet you, but thank you for bringing my husband into this world.

Anne Mccormick
30 Jul 1935-6 Nov 1992
Anne Pancarey McCormick was the only child of Charles and Catherine Pancarey. Born in the Italian section of South Philadelphia, she married Thomas William McCormick on June 30, 1956. They had five children: Michael, Anne, Susan, Patti, and Kathy. Anne worked for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the Arch Bishop Ryan School for the Deaf for over 20 years. She died on Friday evening, November 6, 1992 with all of her children and her husband by her side. Her kindness and intelligence continue to direct her children to this day.

Bradley Joseph McCormick
28 Jun 1985-21 Sep 1985
To our wonderful gift from God. Even though you were only with us a short time, we felt blessed to have you. Although we don't always understand why things happen the way they do, we have to trust that there is a reason for everything. It was hard letting you go, but we know you are in heaven and everything is much better. I know you look down and watch over us. It was a long time before we were able to accept your death and look to the future. I know that you know you have a beautiful, healthy, baby sister. She too, is a precious gift from God. And the best part of all is that she was born on your birthday. We love you with all our hearts, and we will never forget you. One day we will be with you again and hold you and see your precious little face. love you forever, Mom & Dad

Corey Daniel McCormick
11 Nov 1985-11 Nov 2004
Always Remembered in our Hearts FOREVER!!

Peter Joseph McCormick
31 Jan 1945-30 Mar 1997
Never to be forgotten by family and friends, he was the wind beneath my wings. Your Loving Wife

Michelle McCourt-Lindsay
4 Jan 1972-16 Jun 1998
On June 16, 1998, my sister Michelle was murdered by her husband. She had left him and was staying at a domestic violence shelter in Elkins, WV. Michelle was attending nursing classes and was trying to make her life better. She is survived by a seven year old son, Travis, and a 19 month old daughter, Summer. That is not to mention our Mom and Dad, two sisters (including me),two brothers, grandmothers, and a whole slew of nieces and nephews. Michelle will forever be in our hearts. Goodbye dear sister.

Clifford Allen McCoy
17 Jun 1939-3 Dec 1989

Jessica McCoy
17 Sep 1981-29 Sep 1985
" I love you, grandma, " she used to say as around my neck she'd cling, The love that shone in her big blue eyes to me meant everything. Her favorite place in the whole wide world was in the middle of our queen size bed, It was always between her grandpa and me that she wanted to lay her head. She was such a beautiful baby and also a wonderful child, But sometimes she would test us and try to drive us wild. God called her to be an angel when she was only four, But I long for the day when I will hear " I love you, Grandma," once more. Jessica died with her mother and her stepfather in a house fire on Sunday morning, September 29, 1985. On that day my light was turned off for a very long time too. I am now the co-facilitator for a bereavement support group in Michigan.

Jack McCraw
4 Mar 1945-5 Dec 2002
Died before his time, on December 5th, at the age of fifty seven years old.

He lived every day of his life to the fullest, and was always the life of the party. He had many adventures over the years, especially during the time he spent working as one of Elvis Presley's bodyguards. He then went on to work at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for sixteen years, where he shared his skills as a butcher, and made many lifelong friends.
He is survived by his ex-wife Patty, his ex-wife Joan, his sons John Vito, Troy, Dean, Mike and Patrick, his daughters Tanya, Chrissy, Lisa and Sheba, his brother John Fiore, his sister Norma Fiore, and his grandchildren Sam, Jonathan and Amber.

It will be the little things that we’ll all remember: the quiet moments, the hours he would spend sharing stories with us, the laughter, the joy on his face when he ate ice cream, the way he armed himself when he went out, the way he’d wave goodbye when he rode off on his Harley…

And although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memory of these little things
that helps to push away the pain and bring the smiles back again.

Thanks Pops –
We love you so very much..
Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

Allan L. Mccreary
7 Dec 1916-10 Dec 1999
Born in Oklahma to Charles Augustus McCreeary and Myrtle Crittendon McCreary. A wonderful husband to Coy Dell McCreary, father to Linda Dell McCreary, grandfather (Pap) to Allan Dell McCreary, great-grandfather (Pap) to Allan Felipe McCreary, brother, son, uncle and friend. A very kind and wonderful man still missed by all those who knew him and were blessed to be touched by his life. He died of pulmonary fibrosis after a long hard fought battle of 9 years in Sacramento, California.

Coy Dell McCreary
7 Mar 1917-21 Feb 1983
A wonderful wife, mother, grandmother [Meme], sister, daughter, aunt and friend. Still missed by all those who knew her. She died of stomach cancer after a long hard fought battle for about 18 months in Sacramento, California.

Craig K. McCreary
22 Apr 1954-6 Mar 1998
Such a loving, thoughtful, considerate husband! So full of life and fun. What a joy to be married to you. You are still the "love of my life" and the pain of losing you has been immeasurable. I am so proud of you for fighting such a brave battle with cancer. I'll always love you. True love never dies and someday, in the world beyond this world, I will come, and I will find you. Forever, Pamie

John H. Mccroskey
21 Jun 1919-10 Mar 1996
Dear Daddy,
Its been a few years now since you left me, and I still wake up crying in the night. I don't understand why you had to go away. I always thought you'd be here forever. Now it seems that everythings so strange without you. I was thinking of one way I could show you that I loved you, because I know I gave you some hard times during my later-teen years. So now I put these few words in a place I know you'd want them to be. In the vast realm of cyberspace. I'm sorry that I never got to say goodbye, and I'm sorry that I never told you how much I loved you. You'll always been my Father, even if not by blood, and I'm proud to be your daughter. I'll let you rest now dad, because I know you're probably tired. I Love You!
Christina Marie McCroskey
****If the story was told...only heaven knows....but his hat seemed to an old halo....and though his wings....were never seen....I thought that he walked on water - Randy Travis

Mary Elizabeth (Cole, Shea) McCrossen
16 Dec 1903-7 Jul 1994
God sees when the footsteps all falter When the pathway has grown too steep, Then he touches the weary eyelids And gives his dear ones sleep

Dan McCugh
28 Jan 1949-17 Jul 1995
Loving Brother

Jean Mccully
20 Dec 1940-26 Dec 1998
Mom, there are so many things I would like to say to you. Things like I miss you so much. I wish I could tell you how sorry I am for all the hard times I gave you when I was growing up. I wish I could tell you thank you for always being there for me and always being on my side. I don't feel like I ever said goodbye, because I didn't want you to go. I hope I did the right thing for you when I let them remove the life support. You were a wonderfull mom and grandmother. You worked hard for many years, supporting me on your own for a long time. When you married Bob life got even better, even though I gave him a hard time too. You gave me so much and you never asked for anything in return.Thank you mom for giving me the best childhood and for being my friend when I grew up. I will always love and remember you. Your daughter Tracey

Judy Estelle McCumsey
13 Dec 1952-10 Jul 1995
Judy was a kind loving sister-in-law whom I considered to be a sister. She was always there when I needed her. I dearly miss her and wish things could have been different. I love you and I miss you bunches!!. I will see you someday though.
your friend and sister-in-law,

Judy Estelle McCumsey
13 Dec 1952-10 Jul 1995
Judy you are sadly missed by all your family, especially me. I miss your charm, laughter, and your good advice. I am sorry that you were so sick in mind and body, I wish you had talked out to me and told me this, I believe you would be here today. I am so sorry that depression took a hold of your life. I will see you in heaven one day. We love you and think about you always Lori, Richard, Timmy, Tracy,Ashley, (your daughter and son) Misty, Robert and your dear devoted husband Rick

Basil Thomas McDermott
Died 17 Jul 1974
Basil, loving husband of Rita McDermott and nine children.

Caroline Elizabeth Beal McDonald
12 Dec 1918-28 Feb 1998
I miss you so much Grandma! I'm sorry, it's still too painful for words. Please always watch over me. I Love You & Miss You Your Granddaughter Linda

Cheston McDonald
30 Apr 1915-7 Mar 1984
You're not dead, you've just crossed o'er,
to a much more beautiful and peaceful shore.
Where you and Jesus walk hand in hand
in that beautiful peaceful land.
And one day soon we'll meet you again,
and we'll all be with Jesus in that life never to end.
There we'll no more pain, sorrow, or grief,
for we'll all be with Jesus living in peace.
So until that day, when God calls us away,
we'll just keep missing you even more every day.
With that blessed assurance of what lies ahead,
that we'll all be together in the end.
Once again we'll see your beautiful smile.
Just wait for us We'll be home in a while.

Loving missed and adored by: your daughter Brenda, your son-in-law Aaron, your grandchildren Stacy, Aaron Jr. and Cheston

Cheston McDonald
30 Apr 1915-7 Mar 1984
You did not die, you just passed oe'r,
To a more beautiful and peacful shore.
Where there, you know no more sorrow, no more pain,
and someday real soon, we'll see you again.
So wait for us, Dad, we'll be home in a while,
where once more we'll see your beautiful, loving smile.
For you suffered on earth, but you suffer no more,
For you're up there with Jesus now on that peaceful, golden shore.
And we know down deep in our hearts,
You did not suffer when from us you did part.
For Jesus Himself came and took your hand,
And led you Himself to your promised land.
I know that you know, that we love and miss you dear,
And will always wish that you were still here,
But we know you are happier there,
In that land so sunny and fair.
So until that day when God calls us away,
We will keep you alive in our hearts every day.
For we know you did not die,
You just went to your home on high.

Cheston Joseph Mc.Donald, was a true workaholic, who devoted his entire life to the love and welfare of his family. He always put us first, last, and always. He was truly the most unselfish man, the best husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather that everyone should be blessed enough to have. Nothing came before or after his family. It is for that reason that he is no longer with us now. I would just like to say to him now, as he said to me everyday of his life with un-conditional love. I LOVE YOU TOO, DAD! Sadly missed by: Your daughter Brenda Mc.Donald Duracher, your son-in-law Aaron Duracher Sr., your grand-daughter Stacy Duracher LaVergne, your grandsons, Aaron Daniel Duracher Jr. & Cheston Duracher, and two great-grandsons, Jamie & Matthew LaVergne

Christian James Edward Mcdonald
28 Jul 2001-28 Jul 2001
We love you and miss you.
Daddy, Mommy, and Emily

Debbie Mcdonald
5 Jun 1957-20 Sep 2010
I Love you Debbie. You were a great sister. Rest in Peace. No more pain.

Francis Mcdonald
16 Jul 1913-27 Mar 2002
father, grandfather, uncle loved and missed by everyone

Larry McDonald
30 Apr 1943-15 Oct 1995
My husband was a very complex, wonderful person. He left this earth at age 52 very suddenly. He had gone from our home in the Midwest to visit his children in Colorado and then to visit friends in his hometown in Wyoming. It was there that he died suddenly in his hotel room. I still feel I was cheated -- not being able to tell him goodbye before he passed. However, he's still with me in my heart and my life is still happy just having my memories of him. I know he had accepted Christ as his personal saviour and since I have also, I can feel assured of being with him again someday. I love you honey, All my love forever. Helen

Logan Mcdonald
Died 12 May 1997

It was 4 years ago today that you took your life in such a horrible way. I know you thought you were doing what you felt best, but if we could have only talked. My tears come less frequently now but you are in my heart every day. Your Dad and Connie are doing OK but you can look at them and see the hole in their heart.

You brought such sunshine to everyone you touched. Your classmates all felt so blessed by what you brought to them. If it was the school that gave you the helpless feeling, know that it was your death which finally brought some changes - not enough, but some. And the foundation we established in your name helped. After four suicides in your class it finally stopped, so you helped them all listen to their hearts.

I cannot look at the Colorado mountains without thinking of you. I know you wanted to be in them so hike and to hunt. Derrick finally recovered and has a wonderful daughter, MacKenzie. And Kelly just had another baby - named Elizabeth Logan!

You brought much to our lives, Logan, and you continue to do so. I look forward to being with you again.


Your Uncle Ben

Loieta McDonald
10 Nov 1953-18 Feb 1998
Loieta Diane McDonald, my wife of nearly 25 years and the mother of Alison, Stephen Jr., and Jamie McDonald, left us on February 18, 1998. I had one week to tell her how much I loved her, but she was on a ventilator and heavily sedated and I do not know how much she heard and understood. I miss her so much and long to have her back in my arms. I could accept her loss if I only knew that she heard me when I told her of my love for her. Loieta was totally devoted to our children and I can not begin to give them the love and support that she did. I only hope that she will try to guide us in the path that she would have us go and that we can be together again one day. Weeda, I Love You (More than yesterday, Less than tomorrow!)Your Husband, Stephen Please follow the link to Loieta's Memorial Page

Loieta Diane McDonald
10 Nov 1953-18 Feb 1998
Loieta was my wife, best friend, and the mother of my children. She left us at the age of 44. Loieta spent the last month of her life on a ventilator and heavily sedated. Up until that point, we all believed she was making a recovery. Loieta left us without saying goodbye, and that is the most difficult thing to deal with after being together for 25 years. I told her of my love for her repeatedly during her illness and, although I know she loved me, it would have meant the world to me to be able to hear her tell me so. With three young children to care for, I am never lonely. But, why then do I feel so alone? Loieta, I Love You...More than yesterday...Less than tomorrow. Love,Stephen

Richard Douglas McDonald
22 Jan 1969-1 Sep 1995

Roy McDonald
2 Apr 1917-25 Oct 1994
A remarkable father and an outstanding husband. Daddy you were the best! He attended the Texarkana Public Schools. He married Lee Harris in 1939. Eight children were born - seven sons and one daughter. He united with the Baptist Church at an early age. He served as deacon and member of the Senior Choir. He was elected president of the Ozan/Ingram Neighborhood Council, served as Secretary/Treasurer of Cotton Belt Freight Union, Chaplin and treasurer of Booker T. Washington Alumni Association. He worked for Cotton Belt Railroad for 17 years and Cooper Tire for 19 years. Daddy, I know your mother is there and your beloved grandmother. I know you're with old acquaintances who went there before you. I.m glad the dawn will never fade. I know it will be as fresh millions of years from now. I smile whenever I think of you.

Siobhan Brianna Mcdonald
9 Sep 1992-9 Sep 1992
We Love you and miss you.
Daddy, Mommy, and Emily

Tyler Shane McDonald
26 Apr 1988-15 Aug 1996
My nephew Tyler left this world too soon. He was only eight years old. I love him very much and will miss him forever. I will always have a special place in my heart for you Tyler.

Uncle Stephen

Helen Susan McDonald Corbett
24 Mar 1950-5 Jun 2001

I love you always Mum, your courage and bravery will forever be my inspiration in life.
Life was rarely gentle to you Mam but you still found a smile for those who loved you and for whom you always cared for, oftentime forgetting your own needs.
You are my Mum, my sister, my dearest friend and I miss you desperately Mam and could never love another or be as proud of anyone in my life as I am of you My Dear Mum.
Please take your rest now pet and as you always said to me 'be kind to yourself', this is your time my dear Mum.
In love and tears
your loving daughter
Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Atwood McDonald II
14 Feb 1966-5 Feb 2009
Woody was a good friend who was taken too soon. He will be sorely missed.

Christina McDonnell
6 Nov 1972-11 Aug 1995
Christina, how sadly you are missed. I have never gotten over the unbelievable shock of your sudden death.One minute you were here, talking and laughing and the next minute the ocean took you from us.How ironic that you left us at your favorite place, the beach. Its so hard to go there now without thinking of you! Why did it have to be you that day that God chose ?I really believe now that Only the good die young because you truly were the best of the best and the void of your absence will never be filled.I cant even bear to go to your house and visit because I get truly sick to my stomach, its like where is Christina, this is her house, but she is not here!Very depressing.I still cant listen to Sweet Child of Mine without getting sad!I think the song that says it best is Remember Me this Way:Every now and then , we find a special friend, who never lets us down, reaches out each time we fall, youre the best friend that Ive found, I know you cant stay, but part of you will never ever go away, your heart will stay...

Poppy Bernie (Bernard) McDonough
18 Mar 1923-23 Oct 1993
My Poppy, I miss you so much and I always will. You were a picture of strength through the many problems you faced and that is something I will always carry with me. Nobody could ever replace you. You were always someone I could count on and I looked to you for comfort. I love you so much and I miss you. I know I'll see you again someday, but until I do, I'll be thinking of you. "... But I'll go on with my life/ We can even say good-bye now if/ If that's what we have to do/ But here in my heart/ Even my my arms are empty/ I'm still holding on to you " - '' Still Holding On " Clint Black, Matraca Berg, Marty Stuart. My Love Always, Mary

Grandma Andy (Andrea) McDowell
Died Oct 1995
I loved you so much when you were alive and I can not wait until the time when I'll see you again in the coming new order. I still love you now! Still loving and missing you, Whitney

Michael McDowell
31 Jan 1972-1 Oct 1988
Michael was my best friend and my entire life. He was sweet, funny, and devious, in an innocent way. He left me without saying goodbye. Now all I have are his photos and a world full of memories. How do you look at another sunset without knowing that he can't see it, as well? He is now my guardian angel.

Robert McDowell
29 Jan 1970-15 Jul 1992
Drinking and driving never did pay, did it, Rob? Why did you do it? You are the beloved brother of the late Michael McDowell, and son of wonderful parents. You took Rachel with you. You helped me through Mike's death, and played "Welcome To The Jungle" for me. You will never be forgotten -- only sadly missed.

Vicki Mcdowell
21 Oct 1949-27 Mar 2004
This is to my dear mother, whom I love so much you struggled your whole life to raise me, Joe and Julie and it really is a terrible shame that after that was all done, you had to go away. Every day I think about you and miss you since you left I feel a emptiness in my heart, I miss our picnics in the park with your grandkids, your laughter, your smile and most of all just you. I love you so much and wish you never had to leave. But now I know you are watching me from above, just like always taking care of me,
love your daughter

Amanda Yuriko McEleney
26 Apr 1995-8 Jun 1995
We anticipated your birth very much. To our surprise you came earlier than expected. During the Easter season, you brought a light to our lives. But like the quickly passing beauty of the lily, your life was too short. We miss you so very much. Please look upon us until we meet again. Love, Mom and Dad.

John Richard McEleney
Jun 1960-Sep 1960
It's been a long time. And I was born too late to ever know you but I want you to be remembered with Dad and your niece,Yuri-chan. Take care of her. Love,Patri ck and Kesae.

Mary McEleney
7 Nov 1947-18 Oct 1996
Sadly missed by her daughters Stella and Rachel, son John and mother Myra Durnin

Patrick Columba McEleney
19 Apr 1925-8 Apr 1994
WWII veteran. Died from lung cancer. Survived by wife of 40 years, Gertrude,and 4 children,Donna,Michael,Stephen,and Patrick Jr. Miss you much. Please take care of Yuri-chan. Thanks for everything. Love Patrick and Kesae.

John Brian (Jack) McEvily Jr.
8 May 1970-8 Apr 2000
A beautiful soul with a heart too big and too gentle for this world, Jack chose to leave just one month shy of his 30th birthday. He was in search of peace and freedom from heartache. I hope you have found those things Jack. The world has become a darker place without the brightness of your smiles and laughter.
You were not just my lover and soulmate, you were my best friend and a true joy in my life. I am grateful for the gift of you that you gave me for the time we were together.
Not a moment goes by without thoughts of you,without missing you so badly that I ache. I keep wishing you would come home but I know you can't. You are home now and I will look forward to the day I can once again share a home with you. I love you my bright, beautiful man. I always have and always will. Janice

Marjory Mcevoy
28 Oct 1915-14 Nov 2006
Dear Nana,

Your life went on for so long we thought we'd always have you. I have so many memories of you and they're all good. I don't remember a single instance of being told off or seeing you in a bad mood.

You were born in the middle of one war, married between the wars and brought your children up in the next one. Life was hard for you. You lost Papa in 1975 and spent the next 31 years as a widow.

This is what you left to the world:

- six children, David, Billy, Anne, Ian, Gordon, Isobel.

- eighteen grandchildren, Yvonne, young Billy, Louise, Mary, Gavin, Kirsty, Carragh, young Joe, Vincent, Mark, young Ian, Gordon, Scott, young Gordon, Craig, Jacquilene, Pauline, Laura.

- twenty four great grandchildren.

Your line goes on!

much, much love


Norita Angela McFarland
Norita Angela McFarland
9 Sep 1958-23 Mar 1996
To my beloved,
You shall be sorely missed by all your friends and relatives. We all loved you, The senselessnes of your death has been a shock to all of us. We shall meet again soon. Justice will be served before we meet, this has been my promise and my oath. The roadblocks that have been put in front of me are slowly crumbling. Our next meeting will be joyous.

Your true Love,
Joseph Driscoll

Claire McFarlane
14 Jun 1979-15 Jun 1979
In loving memory of my darling daughter, Claire, who lived for 29 hours. We will always love and remember you. From, Daddy and your step-mum Linda Till we meet again. R.I.P.

Deborah Anne McFarlane
27 May 1963-4 May 1991
For my dear daughter Deborah who was killed by a reckless boater...

I think of you in silence and often speak your name,
but all I have are memories and your picture in a frame.
My heart still aches with sadness, my silent tears still flow
For what it meant to lose you Debs no one will every know.

Terribly missed by Mom & Dad, brothers Steve & Jean-Paul and sisters Lise, Jacqueline & Ashley.

Christa Kenyatta & Little T.J. Mcgee
1984-13 Feb 2004
Christa Kenyatta McGee and her son, T.J., of Old Branchville Road, died Feb. 13, 2004, in their home. Although Christa attended school in Franklin during her first years, she grew up in Southampton County where she attended and graduated from the public school system. At an early age, she joined First Baptist Church in Franklin. They are survived by her parents, Phillip Christopher and Susette Darden McGee; her sister, LaTonya McGee Dunlow (Michael); stepbrother, Terrance; her grandparents, James and Lavenia McGee; greatgrandmothers, Fedora McGee and Sadie Fields; four aunts, three uncles, eight great-aunts, four great-uncles, cousins and extended family. A tribute to the lives of Christa and T.J. will be Friday at 11 a.m. at Shiloh Baptist Church, 30188 Shiloh Road, Boykins, with the Rev. Anthony Ferebee delivering the eulogy. The Rev. Willie Singletary is the pastor. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Wm. M. Johnson & Sons Funeral Home Inc., 224 S. Main St., Franklin, is conducting a traditional service with dignity.

Jack McGee
20 Jun 1959-17 Oct 1996
Though Jack left us all to soon, those who knew him will always know that he successfully packed a full life into his 36 years. A great hike leader, a great friend, and, above all else, a wonderful human being, Jack McGee will be missed forever.

Thomas John McGing
1930-16 Dec 1970
Dear Dad, I'm sorry that we never really knew each other. I was only 6 when you died, and I know the life I have led would have been a very different one if you had stayed alive. To regret one's life is not the case, but I know that I would have had more peace of mind and security if we had not been parted.


Cathrine Rose Mcginn
15 Apr 1910-30 May 1997
We all miss you very much. Its not going to be the same going up to Michigan with out you there. I will never forget you Grandma Jesus!! We all love you very much and miss you!!!!!

Neil McGivern
10 Jul 1935-17 Dec 2001
I love you Dad, I miss you Dad, sooooo much, I wish i could see your cheeky face just one more time , to hold you and give you a cuddle goodbye.To hear your voice, to see you tap dance all over my wooden floors, To know you bet a winner on the horses and not tell mum even though you only got pennies back, cause you always bet then each way!!!To see you with your new grandaugher ABBEY who was born after you Died, I know your with us every day, you where loved to much and loved us all back in return , to ever leave us!!!It hurts Dad,It never goes away, I see you still walking down the street but when you turn round it never is you and i want to shout out its not fair, why isnt it ever you !!! But you where needed for more important things to do in heaven i know, and that you see us all the time and if it was possiable we would see you to watching over us, standing by us , laughing, crying, sharing the good and the bad times with us still, we just have to look that little bit harder, and know that you are there always.....................We blow a kiss to the sky so blue catch it Dad, its just for you xxxxxxxxxxFrom your loving daughter Anne xxxxxxxxxJOHNXXXXXX MARC, JONATHAN, NICOLLE, AIDEN,AND ABBEY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Cara Marie McGlinchey
31 Dec 1988-Sep 1994
Dearest Cara, Your angelic face and beautiful smile are forever etched in my heart. So quietly you suffered during your brief life and untimely death. You have taught me to never take the precious gift of life for granted. I remember picking out your new dress and imagining how beautiful you would look wearing it. That day would have been your first day of Kindergarten, however God had other plans for you, for it was to be your funeral instead. You looked so peaceful, when you finally got to wear that dress. I guess it was meant to be special as you were being laid to rest. Til we meet again... Love you always... MCM

Gary McGlynn
28 Feb 1957-8 Mar 1997
SOME PEOPLE COME INTO OUR LIVES AND QUICKLY GO... SOME PEOPLE AWAKEN US TO UNDERSTANDING WITH THE PASSING OF THEIR WISDOM... SOME PEOPLE MAKE THE SKY MORE BEAUTIFUL TO GAZE UPON... THEY STAY IN OUR LIVES FOR A WHILE LEAVING FOOTPRINTS IN OUR HEARTS AND WE ARE NEVER THE SAME... you were a very special person and a very special friend...I don't think you realized what an impact you had on my life and my are missed more than words can say...

Gary B.> McGlynn
28 Feb 1957-8 Mar 1997
You were a special friend and I miss you so much. You touched my heart in a way no one else ever has. You will always be in my heart. Forever, Diana

David C Mcgowan
3 Sep 1968-25 Aug 1999
In memory of my beloved husband who died at age thirty, which was far too young. We only had a year and ten months together six and half months of a marriage but this was the best time of my life. I will always love you and never forget you and no matter what happens you will always be in my heart and also your friends and family. You were one in a million. lots of love your darling wife Catherine xxxxxx

Brian McGrath
2 May 1980-24 Dec 1996
My beautiful son, I miss you so much. You will live in my heart forever. I love you!

Mathew Mcgrath
11 Oct 1988-5 Aug 2004
Dear Matt,
I miss you sooo incredibly much! I miss playing basketball with you. You were one of me best friends moving to a new school. You were always so sweat to me. I was going to call you this summer, but you never answered your cell phone, and you never returned my message. I love you matt! I wish you peace and ethernal beauty. May God be with you. Love, Michelle Overton, 15

Mary T. McGraw
13 Mar 1922-21 Sep 1984
In loving Memory of Mary T.McGraw we all love you and think about you all the time.....Tammy,Krystal,Kate,Kristi-Anna Helen, Jimmy,Barb Jim,Dan & Tommy

Chance McGregor
26 Mar 1999-31 Mar 1999
Thank you for the soul searching we did, the mind changing thoughts we had and for forever changing our hearts. You were the most beautiful baby to ever touch our lives the way you did. You couldn't be in better company up there in heaven...Although your stay with us was short your memory lives on forever.

Your loving Aunt Lori

Chance McGregor
26 Mar 1999-31 Mar 1999
For what little time we had to spend with you, so many hearts were touched. Your a very special boy and are greatly missed. Your 6 days of life very extremly hard on you, but I know you are in a better place now, and that grandma is taking care of you until your dad and I can be with you again.

I love you dearly, and miss you so much that my heart and arms ache to hold you.

Love Mom

William Mcguigan
22 Dec 1953-22 Jun 1996
William "Bill" McGuigan was an incredbily brave and courageous man who was loved and admired by many. His battle with leukemia proved to be the one thing in his life that he couldn't overcome. As his oldest son, I think about him everyday and I wish that I could just sit and talk to him one more time. I love you dad. Just know that you are always in my thoughts and that I love you more than you'll ever know. Billy

"And when the broken hearted people
living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, Let It Be"

Belle McGuire
1 Oct 1921-2 Nov 1988
Mommy- I still pick up the phone to call you. The hurt is still here. I miss you and Daddy every second of every day. You are both in my heart.

Emily Louise Mcguire
22 Aug 1976-28 Aug 1976
Beautiful sister, I wish you were still here.

John McGuire
19 Sep 1926-15 Dec 1989
In memory of my dad JOHN MC GUIRE died 15/12/1989 aged 63 and also my nephew JAMIE MC GUIRE died 20/6/1998 from leukiemia aged 12.


Katie-louise Mcguire
18 Nov 2005-18 Nov 2005
Our beautiful princess who was born asleep at 28 weeks gestation, and is now sleeping with the angels somewhere over the rainbow. We will never hear you cry or see your smile and we long to hold you in our arms once more. We will never forget the special cuddles that we had with you in the 2 days that we spent with you. Some people only dream of angels we held one in our arms. One thing that keeps us strong is that you didn't suffer and will never ever suffer in this cruel cruel world. We love and miss you so much sweetheart, sleep tight and rest peacefully with your loving Gran, loved and remembered everyday your heartbroken Mammy, Daddy and big brother Thomas xxx

Richard Kelly McGuire
17 Jul 1976-27 May 1991
Kelly, It has been 7 years today without your smiling happy smile. I miss you above all things. I love you above all things and everyone then, now and forever. Love, Mom

Thomas McGuire
6 Aug 1922-26 Dec 1987
Daddy-I hope you know how much I miss you and Mommy. I regret all the lost years. You are in my heart everyday.

Michelle Mchone
29 Nov 1962-3 Feb 1999
In loving memory of Michelle Renee McHone (nee Huckaby)

Michelle, if love alone could have saved you, you would have never died. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place, no one could never fill. If tears could build a stairway, and heart aches make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. We love and miss you, always. Mom, Sheila Elizabeth, Jeffery Keith and Timothy Greg. Most of all your son Dean.(William Dean), We'll all be together again one day. We love you Michell, Mom, Sheila, Jeff,Tim,John, Roxanne, Amanda,Samantha, Dean,Dayton,Bradley,Anthony,Carrie,and we cannot forget George, Peanut, and Kukala.

Daniel McIlravey
27 Jan 1937-22 Dec 1996
Daniel was President of Teamster's Union Local 879 as well as President of the Hamilton Port Council.He was also a member of the Executive of Teamsters Joint Council 52.He was the most wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He loved everyone and would give away his last dollar to help anyone. His family ment the world to him and he ment the world to us. Danny was my soul mate, best friend and the love of my life. I love you Danny and find it hard to live without you. There isn't a moment that you are not on my mind. You're loving wife Arlene. Until we meet again.

Charles Raeburn McIlroy
17 Dec 1951-8 Jun 1996
Honey, you will always be loved by the kids, I and your Mum, siblings, extended family and friends. You are terribly missed. You were never ours to keep; you were always Gods. You were a gift from him to us for a short while. We will always be grateful to have had you in our lives. Missing and loving you, your wife Kirsti, the kids, Shepherd, Rachel and Petey Your Mum, Jean McIlroy, brothers Bob and Bill, sisters, Laurie Moskowitz and Wendy McIlroy, neice Nanae, nephews Jim Leberknight, David Leberknight, Hosea, and Kansai and your cousins, aunts, uncles and friends

Lori Ann McInroy-Curler
1 Mar 1961-20 Dec 1995
Little sister, daughter, mother, wife and friend.
Your smile and laugh will live with us forever.
Our lives will never be the same because we knew you,
Our future will never be the same because we lost you.
Watch over us from heaven:
Until you welcome us home some day.

Mark McInteer
27 Dec 1945-3 Aug 1997
"you must be the light" mahatma gandhi said, "that you wish to see in the world." mark mc inteer remembered those words often and lived them continuously. He lit up the paths of scores of us who knew and learned from him. he was born in washington d.c. and made his way to the cascade foothills of jackson county, oregon in the 1970s. he worked for the forest service in butte falls, where he's still affectionately remembered. mark lived hard during those years, shackled by habits that kept him from the richness of life he wanted. in his successful struggle to break those habits, mark found the courage, wisdom and compassion that allowed him to touch so many others. his official work took place mostly through community works, natural helpers and wings. but off the job, he was never off work; any conversation you had with mark, any place, any time, on almost any subject, left you with a measure of his light. during the course of our lives a few people come along and remind us of the best part of being human, not with lectures or stories, but with the open tenderness of their hearts. The care they give us-their patience, their tireless listening, their steady encouragement to become our authentic selves- is love. and so at the same time they teach us how to love. that's what mac taught us. mark leaves behind his wife corinna, their children nakia and abigail, and hundreds of grateful friends, who may for a moment have trouble following the light. but don't worry, mac. remembering you, we'll find it again.

Ai Elbert McIntire
11 Nov 1868-7 Jun 1917
The small memorial tribute written here on this page is dedicated to the memory and loving rememberance of Ai Elbert McIntire (1868-1917), My Grandfather. Ai Elbert McIntire was born in Harrison County, West virginia USA on 11 November 1868, The son of Joseph H. McIntire (1834-1921) and Mary Ann Bennett (1843-1897). Ai Elbert McIntire and Sarah (Sallie) Matilda Straight were married on 24 December 1901. The Reverend J. H. Hess preformed the marriage service at Mannington, Marion County, West Virginia USA. Ai and Sarah McIntire owned and operated a small general store for many years at 320 Baltimore Street in Burt Hill Addition of Mannington, West Virginia USA. Ai Elbert McIntire passed away at his home in Mannington,Marion County, West Virginia USA on 7 June 1917 At the young age of Forty-Eight years. Ai Elbert is buried in the Straight Family Plot at the Whetstone Cemetery located on the outskirts of Mannington, West Virginia USA. Although Grandfather Ai Elbert passed away many years before I was born, And I know very little about him. I do know that he left a very loving family. Ai Elbert was the father of five children. Two of Ai Elbert's children died very young. Millard Harold died in infancy and Virginia Alice died at the age of ten years. The remaining three children, Kenneth M.,Mary Elizabeth, and Ethel Alverta lived full lives, as did their mother Sarah (McIntire) Currey. All with the memory of a loving father and husband in their minds and hearts for the length of those lives. Dedicated to my Grandfather Ai Elbert McIntire whose name I proudly bear.---- David L. McIntire

Anna Marie McIntosh
14 Jan 1927-19 Apr 1982
A more Loving and Giving Mother there will never be than you my Beautiful Mother. I still miss you more than words can say. I wish you were here with us still, but also I am glad your pain and suffering are gone and you are in greater care now than ever before. I love you Mom!!! Love your Sweet Girl!!!!

Edward McIntosh
18 Sep 1918-24 Jun 1996
Son of Floyd and Maude McIntosh. Brother to Eva, Ida, Elsie and Archie. Married Frances Peters in 1939. James Edward, Gerald Eugene, Kenneth Lee,Sandra Kay, Ronald Wayne and Deron Scott were born to them in their 57 years of marriage. Dad I think of you often and miss you everyday. God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put His arms around you and whispered, come with me. With tearful eyes we watched you suffer,and saw you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best. Author Unknown.

William McIntosh
2 Aug 1955-10 Aug 2000
How can I begin to say goodbye to my Brother who was Loved so much but seen so little. I have not seen my brother for ten years due to circumstances beyond our control. You think you build walls to protect yourself against hurt, but then you find out those walls can be torn down in a half second. I wish things could have been different but I can not change what was. But I can remember the good times and all the Love of growing up and all of us always beng together through good times and bad. So Bill, I hope now you understand and forgive me my ignorance and please believe me when I say no matter what I always have and always will Love you. I want you to also know that I forgive you for all those things in the past-I know you know what I mean. I Love you Bill, You are my big brother
and this sounds funny because we have not seen eachother but I will miss you because I know your spirit has left this earth. I know you are at peace now and you are with Our Lord and also you are with Mom. So until the day we see eachother again, take my Love for you with you and please remember that all of us Love You and we have always Loved you. Love your Baby Sister, Mary

Raymond H. Mcintosh Sr.
29 May 1925-5 Feb 2003
This is for my Dad, I Love my Dad, very very much. I always knew that I Loved him, but until his last ten days here on this earth did I realize just how much. I am thankful to the Lord our God that his pain and suffering are through because he had so much, but I am sad he left us just as he was latching on to a better way to live his life. The last month or so he was with us he seemed to be more at ease with himself and his family, maybe that was a small part of a bigger picture for him, I like to think God had a plan for him and him finding his inner peace, he was preparing him to enter Heaven's gate. Dad, I know you made it home with God, and I know you are with Mom and Billy again and you are at last truly happy and content. I look forward to when we can all be together again. I Love You Dad!!!

Kenneth M. McIntyre
9 Aug 1902-2 Jan 1962
Kenneth M. McIntire was born August 9, 1902 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co. West Virginia, USA. The son of Ai Elbert McIntire (1868-1917) and Sarah (Sallie) Matilda (Straight) (McIntire) Currey (1878-1959). Kenneth died Jan. 2, 1962, of Pneumonia at South Side Hospital in Youngstown, Mahoning, Co. Ohio USA. Kenneth was 59 years old. Kenneth married Mabel C. (Cannon) Cunningham in 1925. Mable the daughter of Morris and Brucellia (West) Cannon was born in Greensboro, Pa. December 24, 1897 and died of Cancer April 18, 1958 in Youngstown, Mahoning, Co. Ohio USA. Kenneth M. and Mable C. McIntire had no children together. Mable married first to Edward Cunningham and to that union there was one child, Edwin Neal (Buddy) Cunningham (1918-1958). Kenneth and Mable C. McIntire went to Youngstown Ohio USA. from Greensboro, Pa. in 1941 and in latter years resided at 383 E. Indianola Ave. in Youngstown, Ohio USA. Kenneth was a foreman for Standard Slag Company in Youngstown Ohio for 14 years, before retiring in 1958. Kenneth M. and Mable C. McIntire are interned at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio USA. Kenneth was interned in Lot No. 297 Grave No.1 and Mable was interned in Lot No. 297 Grave 2. Kenneth’s interment was Jan. 5, 1962. Mable’s interment was April 21, 1958. Both funerals were by the firm of Shriver-Allison 124 Lincoln Ave. Youngstown, Ohio USA. Kenneth lost his left leg July 7,1927 to gangrene the result of complications stemming from a coal mining accident. Kenneth M. McIntyre leg is interned in the Straight Family Plot at Whetstone Cemetery Mannington District, Marion Co. West Virginia USA. Kenneth McIntyre at the time of his death was survived by two sisters, Mary E.(McIntire) (Conaway) Jones (1904-1981) who made her home with Kenneth at that time, and Ethel A. (McIntire) Hummel (1915-1989) who at that time made her home in Fairmont, Marion Co., West Virginia USA. Both sisters are now deceased. Uncle “Kenny” was my mother Ethel’s only brother to survive childhood. One brother Millard Harold died in infancy. One sister Virginia Alice died at twelve years of age. I remember Uncle Kenny very well. It is my hope that by posting his information here he will be remembered by others as well as myself for a long time to come. Uncle Kenny was a kind and generous man while he was here on God's good earth. It is my prayer that he will rest in the arms of Jesus through out eternity.------ David and Betty McIntire and family.

Mable C. McIntyre
24 Dec 1897-18 Apr 1958
Mable C. (Cannon) (Cunningham) McIntyre was born December 24, 1897 in Greensboro, Green Co., Pennsylvania USA. The daughter of Morris and Brucellia (West) Cannon. Mable married first to Edward Cunningham and to this union there was one child, a son Edwin Neal (Buddy) Cunningham (1918-1958). Mable married second in 1925 to Kenneth M. McIntyre (1902-1962). Mable C. McIntyre, age 60, of 383 E. Indianola Ave. Youngstown, Mahoning Co. Ohio USA. Died of Cancer at 12:50 a.m. Friday April 18, 1958 at her residence after a two year illness. Mable and Kenneth McIntyre came to Youngstown, Ohio from Greensboro, Pennsylvania USA. in 1941. She was the Department Head of LadyÂ’s Apparel at the G. M. McKelvey Youngstown, Ohio USA for nine years. At the time of MableÂ’s death she was survived by her husband Kenneth M. McIntyre (1902-1962), A sister Mrs. Blanche Harrington of Braddock, Pennsylvania USA., Two brothers Frank Cannon of Cleveland, Ohio USA. and Claude Cannon of Clarion, Pennsylvania USA. Her son Edwin Neal (Buddy) Cunningham died April 1, 1958. All the above survivors are now long since deceased. Funeral services were held on Monday April 21, 1958 at the Shriver-Allison South Side Funeral Home. Interment was April 21, 1958 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Youngstown, Ohio USA. Lot No. 297 Grave No. 2. I Remember Aunt Mable as a dear sweet lady who was very kind and compassionate to all her fellow human beings. She enjoyed baseball games and wrestling matches on TV and was an avid fan of both. Aunt Mable suffered tremendously for two years and died a horrible death. It was a merciful act that the Lord called her home when he did. For then her suffering was ended.------- David and Betty McIntire and family

Mary McIntyre
7 Feb 1897-1967
Mary McIntrye - my grandmother & my mother's mother - was born in Methil, Fife, Scotland as Mary Strang. She was brought up in the Close Brethern Christian sect, and was a gentle, kind & God-loving lady. She had two brothers - Rob & Willy - both of whom worked down the coal mines, Willy dying as a result due to lung disease. She moved in with us when I was 1 year old, & lived with our family in Edinburgh until she died in 1967. She is buried in Leven cemetry in Fife, and I have to say that despite the 30 years since she died, I still miss her. I well remember sitting in front of her little coal fire in her room in our house, the light off, toasting slices of bread with her brass toasting fork which had broken once, and been fixed with a bad piece of soldering work in the middle of the shaft - the flames of the fire giving enough light to make this little boy feel loved & secure.

Ava Isabella Lourdes McIsaac
Born 9 Feb 2004
Ava Isabella Lourdes McIsaac 2/9/04

As she lay's sound asleep, I pray the lord her soul to keep

please keep her safe with angelic light, and hold her close all through the days and nights.

I love you (Bella) with all my heart!

Jeremy Busby McKaskle
5 Sep 1975-14 Jul 1994
Suicide was the end of my brother's life. Yet nothing is finished and never will be. Life is so hard and even worse when you are living it in fear and guilt. I can only say how much I miss him, but words will never express exactly how I feel. I loved and lost, and there are times when I wish that I had never loved at all.

Daniel McKay
1 May 1970-6 Feb 1999
This memorial is dedicated to a wonderful husband and father who left this world much to soon. He will be forever missed and never forgotten by his wife Rita, children Danny and Alyssa, family and friends. I love you babe, until we meet again. I'll Love You 4-ever Rita

Jason Michael McKay
14 Nov 1974-22 Oct 1995
You suffered so long and now you are free. We will miss you and your constant jabs at non-Michigan fans. We will miss your silly jokes and pesky talking during class.

I will miss your honesty about your sadness in not finding a girl who would love you for who you are and not what you look like. I will miss your response to my comments about you being funny.

I never got to tell you how much I loved you, because I thought it would be too embarassing. and I never got to say goodbye, because I didn't keep in touch with you as much as I should have. I hope you are somewhere playing basketball, running, playing on the Internet, and shooting photons at our physics professor:-)

Goodbye Jason, you will always be in my heart.

Gayle, Anne McKee
9 Jul 1944-6 Jun 1998
This is a memorial for a wife, mother, and aunt loved by all and missed forever. She is now an angel for all to share the way she shared everyone in good times and bad, with no indifferences to thier beliefs and past. Taken by the grace of God.

James "woody" Mckeehan
16 Feb 1973-12 Mar 2001
My Dear Friend,

I hope you've found the peace you've been looking for. But I have to wonder if you'd still be with us if I'd called? Would it have made a difference had I insisted you knew that I cared??? I'll never know the answers till my time comes to leave and it comforts me to know that you'll be there to meet me. Until that day, I'll have the memories we've created so many years ago. I'll never forget the talks and disgussions we used to have and the way you'd chase the blues away with your everlasting smiles and outgoing personality.
Everything has changed and nothing will ever be the same without you and I wish I could have taken some of that pain away.
I love you my Friend and you'll always have a special place in my Heart.Someday I know, we'll meet again....

Love you Always,

Rest In Peace.

Christian Mckeever
26 Jan 1970-25 May 1999
My dear son and friend, you were such an wonderful person. Handsome, funny, intelligent, creative, thoughtful and oh so sensitive; how I miss your presence. I think of you every day and will until we are together again. I know you are in His loving arms and although I know you are at peace now, I still can't help but to selfishly wish that it was my arms instead.

Know that I loved you then, now, and forever,
Your mother, Karen Nutter

Brian Mckenna
28 Aug 1946-7 Sep 2000

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new, I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence and often speak your name, all I have are memories and your picture in a frame.
Your memories are my keepsake with which I'll never part, God has you in his keeping but I have you in my heart.

I'll love you forever and forget you never.
Thank you for being a wonderful father and for giving me the most happiest memories a daughter could ever want.


Kathleen McKenna
Jan 1931-Sep 1981
Friend and bud to all.. At all times friendly. Always first to make you laugh. Lived a life few can match. Having had seven children, she had just started to understand her life when she had to go.

Mae McKenna-Stroman
9 Jul 1930-3 Apr 1996

Allan Mckenzie
dear allan we will always miss you, it is so painful to think of this world without you.
heaven will be a better place for having you there. keep them smiling.
love and kisses xxxxxxxx

David Mckenzie
Died 18 Sep 2000
At seventeen years old, a good friend of mine was taken away tragically in a car crash. He was the only person who understood anything about loneliness. The same lonliness that I felt and in the way of just being there, he saved me. I loved Dave to the ends of the earth but couldn't tell him for he belonged to another. The day of Dave's funeral, the church was full and mourners drowned out the sound of the vicar. I sat and remembered Dave. i remembered his eyes, the eyes that made you feel like a thousand daggers went through your heart as you looked at them. I couldn't believe that the arms that once comforted me were never to be used again. Dave, you were always my ange and now you're an angel for every person to walk the earth. I swear I'll never forget you and although it's maybe too late, but I've always loved you, from the first moment that I saw your face across the dance floor. You'll always be in my heart and in the heart of those who knew you. One day....

Zachary McKenzie
29 Dec 1981-27 Jul 1996
When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice from the fourth living creature call out, "Come!" I looked and there was a pale green horse! It's rider's name was Death, and Hades followed with him; they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and pestilence, and by the wild animals of the earth. Revelation 6.7-8

Zack McKenzie
29 Dec 1981-6 Jun 1986
All who gaze there eyes upon my epitat, shall endour years of pain and suffering. You don't need eyes where you're going, pure chaos and fear. I pity your soul. Salatatio Cognitonious

Allen McKinlay
6 Jun 1963-7 Dec 1997
Allen (Bandit): Your loss is a terrible shock to all of us. Everyone is reeling right now. You will never be forgotten by anyone. Randy and I loved you so much. You were Randy's best bud and the big brother I never had. To live without you will be one of the hardest things we have to do in life. We'll never forget you getting lost the night before our wedding and you riding up and down the Fifth Street bridge on your bike because you weren't sure which park to go to! You made our life's more funny and enjoyable. You were always ready with a smart remark. Your funeral is going to be so hard. You were taken from this world so suddenly last Sunday that no one can quite believe it yet. A car accident somehow seems appropriate, though. You were doing what you loved most to do. Don't worry about Kathy and Tyler. We will do all we can to help them with anything they need. We love them too, especially your little boy, Tyler. We love you and miss you already, Al. It's only been 2 days, but it seems like forever. Always remembered, loved and missed by Randy & Evelyn Peltier

Herbert Bryan McKinley
7 May 1918-2 Dec 1994
Daddy, we all miss you so. We miss your laughter and your smiles. We miss the wonderful stories you told.We miss the smells of your good cooking and enjoying our meals with you. We miss your hello's, when you answered the phone. We miss watching the heavy- weight champions boxing matches with you. I really miss fishing with you, Daddy. There are so many new great-grandbabies that will never know you as the rest of us do. But we will alway's tell them about the best Daddy and Pap-pa that lived. Good-bye for now Daddy, we love you so. Rickie,David,Tommy,Joan,Marsha Grand-children, Great-grand-children And our Beloved Mother

Brian Mckinney
4 Nov 1968-23 Apr 1986
Brian you are in our hearts and will be forever in our memories. We will be together again. Rest easy dear brother.

James Allan McKinney
6 Jun 1980-26 Dec 1984
You were such a special young man. You came in to my life so innocent, so loving. You may have never heard a sound in your short life, but your heart heard all. You were full of hugs and bugs. You would climb every tree, and into every heart you touched. Be safe young man. Mommy loves you.

Tony Lee Jr. (t.j.) Mckinsey
2 Jul 1990-2 Jul 1990
My Baby boy. Life will go on without you i know,even though I feel robbed of the happiness of your birth. My arms ache to hold you.

Lorraine Teresa McKinty
18 Sep 1960-3 May 1998
" To live within the hearts of those we leave behind,is not to die" My friend....I miss you so much...I cannot believe your will never be the same........

William McKlveen
3 Nov 1932-22 Jun 1996
Wonderful father. Loving and caring and extremely wise. My wish for him is to be free of all pain and most of all to experience extreme happiness and love. We love and miss you daddy.

Betty Jean McKoin
15 Jan 1953-17 Aug 1969
Betty Jean McKoin was one of my best friends. We lived in Camden, Arkansas and were about to enter the 11th grade in high school. We sat together in church on Sunday morning before she was critically injured in an auto accident on Sunday afternoon. I still think about her, even though it's been almost 30 years since this happened. Betty's Dad never got over her death, and he died several years ago. Betty had a great sense of humor and was a barrel of laughs! We went to church camp together, and would spend week-ends at each other's house. Betty, I know you're with our Saviour and Master now. You just beat your classmates there. I have never forgotten you. Please know that you are loved and missed. Your friend, Deb Farris Marshall

Eilissa Mclane
5 Jul 1981-16 Jan 1996
Eilissa M Mclane was hit and killed by a train in Conneaut Ohio,on Jan. 16,1996, she was 14 years old. We can never cry enough tears or write enough words to lessen the pain that began the day we lost you. We planted a yellow rose bush in the yard and it is truly yours, it never has flowers until your birthday. We take flowers to the cemetary and talk to you often. We miss you and love you.Whenever we see a soccer game,hear music or see a painting, it brings you so close.these were the things you loved so dearly. We'll think of you often,Then you'll never be gone, in our memory you'll live on and on.

James McLaren
20 Jun 1931-26 Jan 1996
This memorial is to my father. We all miss him dearly and even though its been over two years since you passed away, I still think about you daily. I miss you Dad and I hope to see you in the future. Love Pete

Francis William Mclaughlan
19 Dec 1947-31 Mar 2008
Frank i love and miss you so much .You were my whole life . I know i will carry on but it will never be the same without you . You were a great husband, dad, grandad and uncle. You will be loved and missed by everyone. I just hope you are with Phil and and are once again happy and without pain.

Love you forever
Jenny xxxxx

Phillip Kevin Francis Mclaughlan
Phillip Kevin Francis Mclaughlan
21 Sep 1969-24 Nov 1998
Phil you are my son and I love you very much. You are the greatest father,son and brother any one could every wish for. You are always kind to every one and are not happy unless every one else is. It gives me so much pleasure to spend time with your son Bradley, he is so much like you. He enjoys making every one happy, and when we are upset he tries to comfort us. I know you are proud of him. We will always love you and remember all the good times we had. I can only hope you can hear me, when I talk to you about things I can not tell any one else. You will always be in the hearts and minds of all who love you.

We love you forever

Mum, Dad and family

Jack McLaughlin
29 Jul 1931-6 Apr 1996
You were a great boy, man, Navy sailor, husband, father and grammpa. You were a pretty neat father-in-law too! You are loved and missed more than you will ever know.

William Mclenahan
14 Apr 1981-31 Jan 2000

I want you to know how loved and missed you are by everybody. We all wish you were here, but realize you would not be the same . You are with Grandpa and Uncle Steve now. Each day is a struggle, but to know you are always with me gets me by. Thank you for letting me be your big sister for eighteen years. You did a great job putting up with me. I think you know now how much I love you. You saved four people with your organs, and gave sight to two others. please watch over them too. You will always be my "Hero of the Day"

Your sister forever,


Jack Everett Mclendon
9 Dec 1930-24 Aug 2000
Younger son of Will Clifton McLendon and Melissa Burton Loving. Born 9 December 1930 at Center, Shelby, Texas; died 24 August 2000 at Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana. Buried Fairview Cemetery, Center, Shelby, Texas. Married (1) Ruth Kay Palmer 29 August 1952 at Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii; 2 sons & 1 daughter (2) Nancy Lou Shaddox 2 July 1976 at Center, Shelby, Texas; no children.

Center High School 1948; Baylor University (BBA) 1956.

US Navy 1951-1956; Electronics Technician Second Class.

Past Master Sam Samford Lodge No. 149 AF&AM at Center, Shelby, Texas.

Star of "The Jack Mack Show" on KDET (930 AM) at Center, Shelby, Texas 1966-2000.

Clifton Palmer McLendon; born 25 June 1953 at Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.
Douglas Stuart McLendon; born 14 October 1955 at Waco, McLennan, Texas; died 28 June 1981 at Brenham, Washington, Texas; buried Oaklawn Memorial Park, Center, Shelby, Texas.
Elizabeth Kay "Lisa" McLendon (Mrs. Paul Gregory Welch); born 22 October 1956 at Carthage, Panola, Texas.

Sylvia Rose McLendon; born 3 August 1995 at Houston, Harris, Texas.

Aaron David McManus
4 Dec 1979-28 Sep 1997
Aaron, How we wish you were with us now. You were such a handsome man. So full of life and love. You had everything going for you. I miss you greatly. I thought you you taught our community something about drinking and driving but only a few short months later another family and all of our friends had to go threw it all over again. Aaron you death was a shock to us all especially you friends who loved you so much what we wouldn't give to have you back. You loved everyone and never judged. Your funeral was so upsetting that my husband and I had to leave it early because he was so upset and it was months later until we visited your grave which by the way I think you led us there because it was by some accident that we just happend to find it and a whole rush of emotion came flooding back for both my husband and I. We are missing out on so much fun we could be having now.Aaron I turely miss you so much and i just want to tell you that I love you now and forever and you will always be remembered Your friend

James Joseph McManus
16 Feb 1937-17 Jan 2004
Dad, I miss you more than words can say. I do find some peace in knowing that you are up there with our Jimmy to take care of him until we see you both again. I love you and wish every day that you were here with us. Don't worry we'll take care of Mom, Love Always Deb

Ann Elizabeth McMillan
16 Oct 1944-15 Apr 1999
In memory of mum who is missed greatly. You were a fine mum and I cannot forget you or the memories I have of us. It's a shame that you died so young but the times we had together can never be erased. Love you always and god bless from your daughter Natalie Ann McMillan.xx

Dorothy McMillan
Unknown-11 Sep 1995
Mrs. William C. McMillan passed away after 70 some years. She leaves a legacy of good will because of her continual kindness and friendship to others. We offer our prayers to her husband, Bill, and her children, Thayer, Julie Ann, Douglas, Philip and Amy, in this sad time.

James Patrick McMurphy
23 Jun 1915-21 Feb 1994
Under the wide and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Gladly did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:
Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor,home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

Sean McNabb
4 Dec 1972-17 Sep 1994
It is still too painful to think about Sean's death, let alone to write about him. But I will try. He wasn't a perfect person (who is?) but he had a great sense of humor and liked to pull pranks on others. He was intrigued by magic. As a child, he also liked to pretend he was a Private Eye and would skulk around town, acting like he was on a big "case". He was a very loving human being. I just pray that he knew I loved him very very much, from the day he was born. I looked at his wrinkly little face and fell in love. My mother's instinct kicked in, automatically. I was determined to love and protect him as best as I could. But my best wasn't enough. I still lost him - he was only 21 years old. I miss you so much Sean. You are loved. You and your sister were the best gifts from God I ever received. Love forever, Mom

Thomas Oliver McNamara
13 Sep 1917-19 Jan 1970
Thomas Oliver McNamara, 52, died of complications of cancer surgery. Born in Akron, Ohio, and lived in Norton most of his life. Owner and operator of the Ideal Nursing Home of Norton, Ohio.He was a U.S. Army veteran serving during World War II . He is intered at Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery.

Wilma Jewel McNary
18 Apr 1916-28 Aug 2000
my great grandmother was one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. in her program from her funeral they printed one of the most beautiful poems that my great-great-grandmother ever wrote.


praise him with high-sounding cymbols
and an instrument of strings;
sing aloud with joy and gladness
for our god hath done great things.
let the waters of the deep;
the hills and valleys all resound
with the echo of his praises
christ is victor, life is found.

tell it to the souls in prison;
sing it to the world around;
gone is sin and fear and darkness;
immortality is found.
death the monster now is fallen,
and become a mystic shade;
life abundant, everlasting
unto us a gift is made.
let hosanns, hallelujahs,
shouts and singing fill the air,
'til the courts of heaven answer
with elation, praise and prayer.

Jane Newman Hatter

I never got to show granny my baby girl but I know that now she is watching over my beautiful daughter with great love and pride... I love you granny and will have you in my heart always.

Paul Hugh Mcneela
2 Sep 1963-26 Feb 1992
My son. Taken so suddenly and without reason. The world was a better place with you in it.


Ferrell Thomas McNeelan
17 Jan 1897-26 Aug 1984
to my grandpa, grandpa you were a great man. after your father died in 1915 you helped your mother take care of sue and gaylord. then when your mother died in 1917 you took care of your younger brother and sister making sure that they were almost grown before you married grandma. grandma was previously married and before her first husband died he asked you to take care of grandma and her two young children helen and james. you did. then you had fern, my dad ferrell thomas jr, stella virginia, glen eugene who died in 1954, travis wayne, mary lee, carl troy and baby mc neelan who died in 1943, four days after grandma. you worked for several years in the oil fields all over the south and southwest and farming in eudora arkansaw. the last time i saw you. you were holding my little girl sarah in your hands. she was 2 months old and a large baby 8lbs 13ozs at birth, but she looked so small in your large hands. you may no longer be here but i still catch myself thinking about you and a tear will fall. then i think grandpa is just fine he's caring for everyone who has gone on before him. love your grandaughter, carla

Ferrell Thomas (Tom) Jr McNeelan
14 Aug 1927-21 Jan 2000
Born at home August 14th 1927 Oklahoma. Died at home January 21st 2000 Kent, WA. I love you dad and will remember you always. With love from my heart. Carla

Alton (PaPa) McNeill
18 Oct 1932-8 Apr 1991
Daddy, I just wanted to say that we love you and miss you very much. We know you are watching us. We are always thinking of you and wish you could be here to give us a hug when we really need that special touch. We know you are not hurting anymore and that is what matters. Your granddaughter is getting so big and I wish you could have been there to see her born, but I know you had the best seat in the house. We blow kisses up to you and know that one day, we can see you again in heaven. Hugs and Kisses to you from your love ones. Love your Pamie

Rebecca Marguerite McNelly

Edward Alfonso McNorton
18 Nov 1932-12 Jan 1999
I am sitting here wanting memories to teach me to see the beauty in the world through my own eyes. You used to rock me in the cradle of your arms. You said you'd hold me until the pains of life were gone. You said you'd comfort me through times like these and now I need you. Now I need you... and you are gone. Now the world outside is such a cold and bitter place. Here inside I have few things that will console. Since you've gone and left me, there's been so little beauty, but I know I saw it clearly through your eyes. I think on the things that made me feel so wonderful when I was young. I think on the things that made me laugh, made me dance, made me sing. I think on the things that made me grow into a being full of pride. And I remember all the things that I was told. I know a please, a thank you, and a smile will take me far. I know that I am you and you are me and we are one. I know that who I am is numbered in each grain of sand. I know that I have been blessed again and over again. I love you grandpa. You would talk to me when no one else would. You would play with me when no one else would. you would make me laugh when I was sad and bring me ginger ale when I was sick. You would always encourage me. you taught me family is the most important thing in the world. You are the greatest man I ever knew. You are the greatest man i will ever know. I hope I find someone to marry who is just like you. I thought I couldn't live without you but I am always living with you. Everywhere I go you are there. I love you.

Anna May McNulty
14 Aug 1916-31 Jul 1997
Anna May was my grandma. She was a very sweet woman. Two years ago one week after my 11 birthday she became very ill and was rushed to the hospital. She spent almost a year in the hospital. When she came out she could bearly walk . She died last month. It was a sad event but people kept it light. I guess you could say she was not my real Grandma. Her son Marty and my mom are not married but she treated my mom like a daughter so we called her "Grandma". When she died my grandpa hade to choose a saying for her funeral cards. It says: God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be, So he put his arms around you And whispered, "Come to me." With tearful eyes we watched you, And saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands at rest. God brokeour hearts to prove to us, He only take the best.

Micheal Mcnulty
29 Sep 1983-13 Jul 2002
Mike, this is for you buddy. I never thought you would die, ever. How can somebody so full of life leave this world? I'm sorry that I couldn't come visit this winter and go skiing and partying with you. Cassie was pretty torn up. I called her to tell her and pretty much listened to her cry for a couple of hours. Your impact on our lives was really brought to attention by two crowded services and all of the teary eyes. There are so many "one time Mike and I..." stories, I could right a book. Well, I hope you read this. I'll see you at the big party in the sky, but hopefully not for a while. We all miss you like crazy!

Lots of love,

Derek McParland
11 Nov 1969-21 Jul 1989
My Son, my first child of love, You have gone to what you wrote a "Better Place", but this place is no better without you. You are forever young. Love Mom

Kristan McPeters
9 Feb 1980-16 Apr 1999
Kristan, your life was taken so suddenly and tragically. You will missed greatly by everyone. Just know that I love you and miss you very much! You meant a lot to me and to everyone that you knew. You will never be forgotten. You will live on forever in our hearts.

Bonnie Jean McPheeters
17 Oct 1929-26 Apr 2007
1st Daughter of Harry & Mildred McPheeters...survived by her Sister, Beth Stormont, Husband of over 50 Years E. Donovan Schneider and Son, Mark.

Angela Marie Mcpherson
14 Oct 1979-9 Dec 1990
This is in memory of my daughter Angela Marie, who lost her battle with cancer. She went through one hell of a year in treatment before she was taken from me. Angie was a very intelligent and loving girl and remained brave throughout her illness. My hope is that one day I will be with her again. My prayers go out to other parents who are going through this disease. May there be a cure sometime in the future so that my daughter's death will not be in vain.

Charles Mcquiston
11 Mar 1919-3 May 1997

Paul Douglas McRae
21 Dec 1972-11 Sep 1999
There are moments when one special friend makes a difference that noone else can, a friend understands the unspoken words in your always knew what i was thinking, how i was feeling n what i was about to say i amso glad that i had you in my life and grateful the rest of my life that u were the special brother in mine..i love you norm forever and ever.Love Always Your sister Karin.xoxo

Jack Alexander Mcrobb
11 May 1998-27 Aug 2001
Dearest Jack,
We just wanted to let you know that we miss and love you more each day and we always will.It's nearly 3 years since you flew to heaven,but it seems like yesterday.We wish we could see,kiss and cuddle you one more time.But we know if we could,we would never let you go again.Wherever you are and whatever your doing Jack,always know that one day we will be together again,forever.Until then,sleep tight little man.Goodnight,godbless.
All our love,hugs and kisses mummy,daddy and big brother Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sherry Ann McRobie
11 Aug 1968-15 Jan 1999
Once in a lifetime, someone will pass our way that will make such an indention that the heavens even feel the effects - and so it was with Sherry. She had the presence of thunder, a heart as big as the sun, and the passion and strength of a mighty river. She found her way to heaven on a cold, snowy, and icy morning in January. She was driving home with three other friends when her car went out of control and was hit by a semi truck on I 79 in Clarksburg WV. Sherry and two of her friends were killed instantly. She worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Finger Print Indentification Center in Clarksburg. She grew up in a small town in West Virginia called Cameron. She graduated from Cameron High School in 1986. She is missed by all of her family and friends. Her laughter and her smile will always be remembered. She was are little devil on earth but now she is our little angel in heaven. We miss and love you so much Sherry. Peace Peace

Jason McRoy
1971-24 Aug 1995
The finest MTB racer to grace this world's trails

Paul McShannick
11 Jul 1977-15 Oct 1995
To a great mate if there ever was one. Never forget you.

William J. Jr. Mcsorley
7 Aug 1931-10 Sep 2002
You were "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and I love and miss you more than you will ever know. My biggest regret is that we could not say good-bye, you were gone in an instant and I do not understand. I'm having such a hrd time coping with being alone. We spent every minute together and I miss that, but I try to realize God has his reasons. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say good-bye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven, And bring you back again. I will love you and miss you forever, Nan

Stephen McVicar
31 Oct 1931-20 Jun 1995
Beloved husband,father,grandfather and friend.He was the most respected man I know.He was a caring,gentle man and would never turn away anyone in need.His death was a tragedy to us all.He will never be forgotten.

Mary Elizabeth Collins McVicker
19 Aug 1918-9 Aug 1996
You were loved by all who knew you. I will always remember our late night talks when I was little. We all miss you very much. Look over Grandpa and take care of him. He loved you more than you will ever know for 57 years. You will always be in my heart.

Your only Granddaughter

Dorothy E. McWhorter
4 Feb 1921-18 May 1990
A great lady and my mother.

Joy Margaret McWilliam
19 Nov 1948-8 Apr 2000
To a brave and loving mum. You will always be remembered. Your daughter, Lucy.

Michael Shane McWilliams
1 Dec 1956-23 Apr 1997
Always remembered and loved by your father, your brother, your sisters and friends. The bonds of love will always keep us together. You will always be a part of our heart, our soul and prayers. 'Till we meet again.

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