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Geraldine Margaret McDowell Pocklington
1 Oct 1929-29 Aug 1990
She was the mother of six children. Her unconditional love for each and everyone one of her children will be missed.
The surviving childern are Linda Boyer, Nancy Hughes, Kathy Kirk, James H. Pocklington Jr., Dale W. Poclington, John J. Pocklington Husband surviving, James H. Pocklington Sr.
She was the daughter of Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McDowell. She was blessed with 11 grandchildren and one greatgrand child . The love and devotion that she gave to her children and grandchildren will never be forgotten.
She continues to live on with in many of her children and grandchildren.
"We love and miss her dearly."

John Lee Poe
Died Nov 2000
Johnny Angel: I can only have your memory in my heart; now that you are gone. You were one of my best friends in school, you always had a kind word for me and managed to make me smile even when things were not perfect. I'll always remember your nickname for me; the way you would yell down the hallway, just to make me turn red. Watch over the two little angels you and your wife had together; we will all miss you very much.

Alice Josephine Poff
27 Nov 1949-11 Mar 1997
In loving memory of "Alice Josephine Poff" went to be with the Lord on March 11th,1997..In Las Vegas held at Palm Eastern Chapel..Saturday,March 15th,1997 At 4:00 P.M...leaving a husband Larry Lee Poff....two sons Richard and Donald Poff..&Quot;One Grandson and Three Grand-Daughters." She was not alone, Jesus took Alice Josephine Poff by the hand and lead her to the light and took her home....She will be missed and loved by us all, left behind to remember her ...wE don't understand why life is taken so suddenly from us..But we do know that death comes..And when it does it hurts the living as it did my precious brother when he found his sweet Alice in their bed,gone forever to be with the Lord..His cries like an animal, hurting not understanding why his love was gone from him..why wasn't it him..He said..Why his sweet baby..Gone from his arms to never touch again..As he said to me the hard part was over as he put her to rest..Finding her gone that fatal dark night..She was his wife the mother of his sons..A home maker and always the holidays she fussed over....Christmas was her time of the year..I remember her netting ornaments to go on my tree..And each year I display them so proudly on the tree..Now I will hold them dearer and closer to my heart as I place them in their perspective spot..Oh alice sweet Alice you are missed and as I think of you I think when my brother first brought you home and said this girl I'm gonna marry..It was winter and the snow was on the ground and you were just a tiny little Thing..But oh how you adored my brother .And for 27 years you were his faithful wife and friend..She was his friend,lover and wife..And she loved him till the day she died..She was luckier than most .She had one great love and she was his till our Lord took her home..So young so loved so missed..We shall all be with you again ..Amen

Roy "Billy" Walker Poff Sr.
16 May 1920-22 Dec 1988
Born in Tenneesse, a metal of honor from the Navy this much I know, about my Dad. And the trips on the days he came to get us four kids for visitation. And how I knew he still loved my Mom. But oil and water I guess just doesn't mix well, the old saying goes.He had five children, one by a former marriage,a boy. Left a young widower, he later met our Mom and married her, in Huntsville ,Alabama. Moving to California to better his life, when we kids were small. I guess he must of been a pretty smart man. The government came to him during the Vietnam War and wanted him to set up communication wires for our Armed Forces. He was proud of that I think, I am I know. When he died I'm ashamed to say none of his children were there to say good bye. Only one tho, and that was his oldest son by his first wife. Guess most would think this memorial is odd. But you see because of the love hate relationship between our parents we didn't see much of Billy our Dad. But we know where we come from and we remember him.I know the day he died, I told Mom and she hid her tears. She tried to hide them but they were there. I know he suffered when he died. Begging to be let go. His wife at the time called me, and didn't want the doctors to turn off the machines that kepted him alive with great pain. She couldn't say yes, neither could his oldest son. So it was left up to me. I guess it was the only thing I could give Dad, and that was the peace of not suffering anymore. So I made the decision for him. The night before he died, I spoke to him, and his last words to me were" I'm sorry honey." That morning he slipped away peacefully. But to tell the truth I was sorry. It was never you Dad that hurt me,you never knew. Only God and I know the truth.

Eunice Hicks Pogue
12 May 1927-7 Dec 2002
Mother, God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around you and whispered,"come with Me." You were my best friend, my mentor, my soul mate and the best mother any son could have. Your gentle touch,your compassion,and the love you gave to everything will always be in my heart. You are the rose of my life.You are with god in heaven but you are also in my heart.

Jackie Pogue
2 Dec 1944-8 Jan 2006
This is dedicated in loving memory to Jackie Lou Jordan. She was born to Ernie and Beverly Jordan of California. Jackie was a lady you were honored to have as a friend. She was giving of her love and friendship to everyone. She married Paul Hartwell on Sept 1, 1963 and had their daughter, Kindra Lynne on Aug 6, 1964. On April 8, 1968 she gave Paul a son, Andrew Mark. She was a girl scout leader, a boy scout leader and friend to all. She loved to be active in her community and gave freely of her time. March 31, 1985 was a blessed day for her when she became Grandma Jackie to gradson Douglas Jordan Lane. In 1987 she and Paul parted ways after 24 years of marriage. In 1988 with her two children grown, she met and married Vance Pogue and became a step Mother to 3 teenager Desiree, Natalie and Nick. We all new she was a saint. Her life got sweeter as her son and daughter in law gave to her granddaughter Elisabeth ReNae Hartwell on July 6th 1993. Jackie was the neighborhood "Mom" and was referred to as that by countless friends of her children. This world is definately a better place because we were blessed to have her in it for 61 years. We love and miss you Mom.

Elizabeth Pohl
27 Feb 1943-20 Feb 1997
My aunt,my friend,she will be missed!!!

Emilienne Poirier Couepel
1 Sep 1914-20 Jun 1998
A ma grand mère à jamais dans mon coeur

Jacques Poisson
Died 13 May 1992
Jacques, tout le monde l'adorait, même s'il surprenait de prime abord. C’était un p’tit bonhomme, cheveux châtains en brosse, mèche à la tintin, finement musclé (à l’armée, c’était la « mascotte » de la chambrée), toujours souriant. Son sourire, il le cachait d’une main ou le réprimait un peu, par coquetterie : il lui manquait quelques dents sur le côté et faisait tout pour qu’on ne s’en aperçoive pas (nous, complices, faisions tout pour qu’il ne s’aperçoive pas que nous nous en étions déjà aperçu !) Alors c’était surtout ses yeux qui riaient et son regard était aussi vif que malicieux.
Coquet, ça il l’était ! Jacques et la salle de bain, c’était une grande histoire d’amour. Il y passait des heures : ça commençait par un bain, interminable, ça finissait par ce vieux ricil desséché qui, avec un peu de salive, soulignait un regard déjà dragueur.
Beaucoup autour de lui l’exploitaient, Jacques : il ne savait rien refuser. En fait, on l’appelait rarement Jacques mais plutôt affectueusement « Jacotte ». C’était vrai qu’il était craquant. Trop gentil. Le ménage, c’était lui, chaque jour et à fond. Il ne supportait pas la saleté. Non seulement il faisait tout mais en plus il devait subir les railleries de ses « tortionnaires » : on lui reprochait sa maniaquerie. La couture, c’était lui aussi. Il passait des heures à la machine, une rangée d’aiguilles à la bouche. Et c’est non sans fierté qu’il nous montrait le résultat de ses travaux. Ses pratiques sexuelles, il n’entendait pas en changer : « Je suis trop vieux pour mettre des préservatifs ! » Il n’avait que trente ans. Au mieux, il hochait la tête en guise d’acquiescement à nos remarques et faisait tout autrement dans l’intimité. Il ne savait rien refuser.
Un jour, il a disparu de la circulation, sans laisser d’adresse, sans explications. Il atout plaqué. La dernière fois que je l’ai vu, bien avant ce départ précipité, il était dans son bain et me parlait d’un projet qu’il avait à cœur : vivre dans une péniche, sur la Seine, à Paris. Il est mort dans son lit d’hôpital, avec sa famille qui refusait de l’embrasser de peur d’être contaminé et un ami, qui par chance, avait réussi à le retrouver à temps. C’est lui qui m’apprit la mort de Jacques.

Beatrice Anne Louise Poland
Died Jul 1952
My mother. Married to Henry Edward Poland of Prescott, ON Canada She was daughter of Joseph Arthur Blakely and Ethel May Hall of Ogdensburg NY She passed away in Ogdensburg when I was 4 months old. I regret not being able to know her. If anyone reading this knew my mom, please feel free to email me at

Catherine Katsan Poling
7 Sep 1927-8 May 1995
Mother, I hope you realized how much I loved you, and how hard it is to live without you there. No one will ever love me the way you did. I know you are in a much better place and you suffer no more. I loved you.

Susie Polito
Died 7 Apr 1997
Susie died in a tragic car accident in Stow, Ohio. She was a senior at Stow-Munroe Falls High School, and was planning to attend Kent State University in the fall of 1997. She will be missed greatly by her family and numerous friends. Susie, we will always love you!

Joanna Pollack
7 Apr 1943-14 Dec 1959
Joanna, you left the tentative world of us mortals more than forty years ago and you are still remembered for your loving kindness. Through your steadfastness and being a friend complete and true I finally grew up. I see my young daughter growing like you, and it struck me yesterday, she was raised as you. With parents always present and there. Always loving you. Thank you for your beingness. You will be cherished always as much as my wife of the past twenty seven years. You are missed but not forgotten.

Anna Pollak
1 May 1912-28 Nov 1996
In memory of Anna, a mezzo soprano of unequalled stage presence, who died six years and a day ago, and who was such a major figure to me during my teenage years.

Jessie Rosemary Helen Pollock
7 Jul 1977-12 Nov 1999
Darling, magic, red-headed daughter of Helen and Alex Pollock, older sister to Andrew and Robert, Attended Fleet Primary School London NW3 and Camden School for Girls. Wrote poetry and counselled friends and family, played the cello and oboe, knocked us out with her wisdom and humour, a wise baby lady and witchlet who had to battle asthma, a Scottish Dad and a Trinidadian Mum and did so with glee.

I love you my star in the sky
who made that voyage to Arcturus,
and who shines so brightly
that you light up the horizon nightly.
You were snatched in the night
by some evil sprite, with only the cat and an empty
crisp packet for company.
Until I found you bruised
and without breath in the morning.
My gift girl, my fourteen year old starlet.

Helen Hanschell

Stephen Pollock
4 Jun 1956-31 Aug 2005
Stephen W. Pollock, son of Jack & Lori Pollock, brother of Jack T. Pollock left this Earth last night. He was only 49 years old. Never a complainer and just happy with the simple things of life, God decided to bring him home.

Dear Stephen, I love you and miss you so much. Life handed you some bad deals but God will look after you.

Your Brother, Jack.

Chance Polson
12 Jan 2005-12 Apr 2005
To our beloved Grandson whom we miss with all our hearts. I hope your uncle Karl is looking after our little angel!

You are always in our hearts. Love you always
Grandma & Grandad - Barratt

Chance Alton Polson
12 Jan 2005-12 Apr 2005
To our darling Gradson, you will be in our hearts forever. We hope your uncle Karl is looking after you as you are greatly missed! Our beloved Grandson died at 3 months old from a tragic accident.

To our little man all our love forever! Grandma and Grandad Barratt

Cobie Pomp
27 Nov 1958-16 Jan 1996
Cobie Pomp died a year ago, she was young, full of life and mother of a little boy of 1 year old. Then she died because of CANCER. She will always be in our memory. Active, full of joy and full of changes. Life will never be the same anymore. Without her..

Hannelore & Herbert Ponder
3 Jan 1939-17 Jun 1986
Dear Mama and Papa,
I never knew how much I loved you and needed you until it was too late. You were the best parents a daughter could ever have. You stood by me when the world gave up on me. Nobody could have asked for better parents. It's been 10 years now since you passed away. I live each day hoping that while you're in heaven, you're looking down on me and smiling with pride.

Your Loving Daughter,

Logan Taylor Bradlee Ponder
25 Mar 2002-22 Dec 2002
Baby Logan i love you so much it hurts me to know that you are gone and i did'nt get a chance to tell you goodbye
and how much i love you , i will always miss you and love you you are the light of my life i'm gonna let your little light shine baby .....untill we meet again i'll be missing you baby Logan ... love you mommy & daddy XO XO XO XO

Eileen Mary Ponsford
3 Mar 1930-7 May 2004
My Dear Mother Eileen, died of a brain tumor.
She was a wonderful lady and everybody loved her.

Michacl Ponzillo
7 May 1946-2 Mar 2002
Time is so short it is hard to see. I know you are at rest now. You were in so much pain and you could do so little. Rest in the truth of love!

Emma "Mickey" Pooler
9 Aug 1916-12 Nov 1995
Emma Pooler, my great grandmother, was a wonderful woman. She was a magnificant teacher who loved every student as her own. Although she lived far away, she always managed to visit us many times during the year. I miss her very much. But, I know she will always be with me. I love you, Grandma.

Ralph Pope
13 Feb 1918-25 Feb 1989
In Loving Memory of Our Wonderful Devoted Father who was truly An Uncommon Man. Your Children who Greatly miss You and Mom.The greatest Parents that anyone could wish for!

Ralph S. Pope
27 Dec 1894-11 Feb 1964
Ralph S. Pope Beloved Uncle To His Niece and Nephews.A Veteran of WW1.Recipient of Purple Heart.Beloved Son of Nellie and George Pope.We Will Forever Remember You and Will Keep You In Our Hearts.May You Rest In The Lord In Paradise With The Hosts Of Heaven!

Virginia M. Pope
29 Nov 1919-17 Feb 1981
A wonderful mother.So loving and so full of Love.In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Mother.

Ana Popjevalo
Ana lost her life to violence when she was only 15 years old back in 1993.

We, (those of us in her highschool class, MVHS 1996) came to school that day and recieved the shock of our lives when we
saw the news vans, reporters, other students crying in the halls hysterically. It is this month, January 2001, now eight years
ago that you died. If you were alive, you would be a 23 year old woman. I know that Kate, Cara, Jackie, Anjali, and so many others were
torn up by your loss. I was touched, and i was only one of your classmates. I remember sitting by you in 8th grade social studies. Do you
remember me rifling through your purse, looking at your pictures of all your friends at homecoming, and the prom? Do you remember
me dumping out all the contents on your desk just to get a reaction out of you, and you slapping my arm, excaiming wide eyed: "Aaaaaaa!
Stop it, you goon!"
I remember seeing you walking through our highschool's courtyard on Friday, two days before the Super Bowl Sunday that you were shot by
your boyfriend. You walked through the empty late afternoon courtyard and looked at me as you passed. We smiled as we were both leaving campus,
me for the weekend, you forever...both going opposite ways...i looked back at you and watched you long, curly brown hair bounce up and down on your
soccer jersey as you headed home from practice in the lowering California sun. If only I'd known that i would never see you again, and that just two
days later...well, what's the use.
All these years later Ana, your classmates have gone on, grown up, graduated highschool, college...gotten wrapped up in adult lives - but your name is no
more distant, or less meaningful then it was eight years ago. I hope wherever you are you know that....

-me, January 2001

Ana Popjevalo
30 Dec 1977-30 Jan 1993
This is for all those friends of Ana. I have heard from some of you through the years & only rarely answered, I apologize. It is still hard to speak of Ana's murder, but the memory was renewed this week at Emmanuel's parole hearing. The family was allowed to speak of the impact this made on our lives. Ana was a good friend to all throughout her school years. I never heard her speak against another person unless they were unkind to another. She was such a happy, positive person looking forward to an exciting future of who knows what!!
It's been nearly 15 years now,I wonder what might have been.
E. will be back in 4 years for his next parole hearing.
As long as Ana is remembered in our hearts she lives for us.

My Pops
25 Jun 1918-6 Jul 2002
I hope you were not lonely and did not feel to much pain, I hope you knew that I loved you and am so happy I got the chance to get to know you. I will never forget sitting on the bench and talking, I will never forget you having to go up 3 flights of stairs to get to my appartment and asked if we were going up to heaven. I will remember you as a stuborn old bugger with a great sence of humor who brings a smile to my face everytime I think of you. I hope you are happy and having a nice time with gran somewhere on a cloud up there.... I love you pops and would like to thank you for always making me smile...
Love your grandaughter Joanna

Victims ... Port Arthur
Died April 1996
In memory of more than 50 people of all ages, from the tiny children, to the elderly grandparents, who died and were wounded in the horrific and tragic massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia. To their families and friends, our sincere sympathy and prayers.... We each think our tiny little corner of the world is safe...How many more innocent people need to die. Dear Lord, save us.

Helen Porter
15 Mar 1949-25 May 1998
Grandma... I will love you and miss you forever! You took care of us kids so well...i will never forget the goodies in the front cabnet...and the pacman dinner trays! I know you died on my birthday...and it made it hard...but you are happy now! I love you!

Thomas Russell Porter
2 May 1978-6 Sep 1997
Russell, 19, was killed in a motorcycle accident on September 6, 1997. We were in love since the day we met (August 29 1996) and dated for 4 months. Russell, I want you to know that I have always loved you with all my heart and will continue to do so until I can be in your arms again. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the confidence and inspiration. You were my life and now you are my dream. Be with me always, until my time comes. You are an angel and I pray that I may join you soon. Until then, I'll remember that "It can't rain all the time." Yours - always and forever, Claire

Viettia (McCoy) Porter
3 Feb 1943-26 Dec 1997
Mom you left this world almost 3 years ago and there is not a day that goes by that you are not missed. I still to this day cannot understand why god took such a wonderful mother from us. You struggled from day to day to get us raised and I know you always said that you just prayed that god would let you get all (6) of your children raised and that you could not ask for anything more. That is what he done and I think you done a great job at it too.You were a very hard worker you always put your all into everything you done especially when it came to your children.I know it was ruff raising us all on your own with what little we had,but you always made us fill so rich with the love you gave to us,when you worked all day to put enough food on the table for us and we would bring in the neighbor kids you never spoke a word of discourgment you just set a few extra plates somehow and went on like it was nothing and always had that beautiful smile on your face . I remember the day that the doctors told us that you had cancer August 28th 1997 then on September 17th they said it was definetly fast growing cancer oh my I thought I could never let this happen we was going to over come all this just like everything else we would somehow get through this.As I set by your side and watched you grow weaker and weaker I could not go on being selfish and expect god to leave you here just for me to suffer like that, the night of December 23th you took my hand and told me I needed to be strong and to listen to you my heart just sunk I didn't want to listenbut I did anyway and you told me that you were going to die and that I needed to be strong for the rest of my brothers and sister,I kept thinking to myself how can I do this?I remember asking you ( now mom what would Christmas be without your mother)? and you told me you didn't think you could hold out that long, well once again even though you were tired and ready to go be with the lord I fill in my heart that you still hung in there just for me it may have been just a few short hours after midnight but you let me have one more Christmas with you no it wasn't on Christmas it was they following morning that you closed your eyes and I seen the peaceful look come on your face you was with the lord and that all your pain was gone. I just hope and pray that I can be at least half the mother you were to your children . I see you in myself more and more as the days go by and I am so glad that god gave me the perfect mother to be raised by , you are always in my thoughts and I know you are one of gods beautiful angels watching over us all. Although you didn't get to be around to watch your granchildren grow I can stand back and see you in each and everyone of them and one day we can all be together again ( one big happy family) Love and miss you so much Your daughter Debbie & family

Breckenridge Porter, Sr.
29 Aug 1914-23 Oct 1999
My Dad was born in Beaumont, Texas to Mary Alice Porter and Herbert Lee Townsend who died within months of his death. He was adobted by his uncle Paul Porter, his mother's brother, and carried the name Porter throughout the remainer of his life.
Dad was raised in Houston, Texas, graduating from George Washington Jr. High School and Reagan Senior High School which was then know as Heights High.
After graduation he went to Mission, Texas where he lived with his grandfather, Harrison Boone Porter, known to us as "Grandpa Porter." Grandpa was a widower and a citrus farmer so Dad was great company for him. He was a nephew of the noted writer and author Katherine Anne Porter, his mother's sister.
At 18 years of age Dad met a Texas Ranger named Joe Jackson, who later became my Godfather, and Joe took him to Austin where then Governor "Ma" Ferguson swore him in as a Texas Ranger and sent him back to the Rio Grande Valley as Joe Jackson's partner. This started a long and legendary career in law enforcemnt.
Dad later moved back to Houston where he joined the River Oaks Police Department and later the Houston Police Department where he served 33 years as an ace homicide investigator and Homicide Lieutenant.
He played a major roll in establishing civil service benefits for police officers in Texas. He was the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas Muncipal Police Association, the second President of the Houston Police Officers Association. He served as a founding director of the Teen Challenge Boy's Home founded by Evangelist Freddie Gage and a founding director of the Houston Police Retired Officers Association. He was also a Lt. Col. in the Texas State Guard, Provost Marshall's Divison.
Dad was a great and wonderful father, husband, grandfather, great grandfather and friend. He was laid to rest with his Mother and Stepfather, Julius Arnold Hillendahl, and his Grandfather with whom he lived in the valley. They are all buried in Humble, Texas a Houston suburb
The home office building of The Houston Police Officers Union was dedicated in his honor and named the Breckenrige Porter Building.
A website is currently being developed in his name and will be the official website for a memorial scholarship fund for children and grandchildren of police officers who need and deserve assistance to attend college. The fund will be managed by a committee appointed by the Houston Police Retired Officers Association. Photo to be added.
Breck Porter, Jr.

Dr. Günter Porzer
25 Dec 1951-1 Nov 1998
Die Isis der Natur erwartet das Kommen ihres Herrn der Sonne. Sie ruft ihn. Sie lockt ihn fort vom Orte des Todes, dem Königreich von Amenti, wo alle Dinge vergessen sind. Und er kommt zu ihr in seinem Boot, welches Millionen Jahre heißt und die Erde ergrünt in dem sprießenden Korn. Denn das Sehnen von Osiris antwortet dem Ruf der Isis. Und so wird es ewiglich in den Herzen der Menschen sein, denn so haben die Götter sie geformt. Wer dies verleugnet, den verabscheuen die Götter. Aber in den Himmeln unserer Herrin Isis ist der Mond, die Kräfte des Mondes gehören zu ihr. Ich bin die Verschleierte Isis, der Schatten des Heiligtums. Ich bin sie, die sich als ein Schatten hinter den Gezeiten von Tod und Geburt bewegt. Kein Mensch darf in mein Gesicht schauen und leben, denn in der Stunde, da er meinen Schleier
lüftet, stirbt er. Es gibt zwei Tode, die die Menschen sterben, einen größeren und einen geringeren. Der Tod des Körpers und der Tod der Initiation. Und von diesen beiden ist der Tod des Körpers der geringere.
Der Mensch, der das Gesicht der Isis anschaut, stirbt, die Göttin nimmt ihn. Diejenigen, die so sterben, gehen den Pfad vom Brunnen, der bei den weißen Zypressen steht.

Joseph M. Potash
13 Mar 1917-15 Nov 1995
Joseph M. Potash was a true American hero. He gave of himself each day of his life without asking back anything in return. He lived the words: sacrifice, good samaritan, and compassion. Although a highly decorated WW2 paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division he never boasted or bragged. He did his job and that was it in his eyes. His greatest medals in life were his family members. He lived each day making it easier for others to live their lives easier. He was a shining star in a working class blue collar neighborhood full of misery, hopelessness, and despair. He provided inspiration to those who needed inspiration and concern and understanding to those who knew not who to turn to. I know because he is my Dad...and I intend to follow in his footsteps until the day my son can write about me here and feel just as proud. My Dad's tombstone should read: "He Cared", hopefully on mine will be inscribed: "He Cared Too!" -Michael Potash

Marshall Daniel Mo Potter
16 Aug 2002-22 Dec 2002
Marshall is the Angel with the Golden Glow, my little nephew whom I miss. SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) stole him away from us way too soon. He was a happy little boy and he had so many that loved him. He is sorely missed and his mom and dad are expecing a little brother or sister of Marshall who is SMA free. God bless the Potter Family.

Annie Potton
Annow... Willie Belle, Sharon, April and Aunt Lillian miss you terribly. It is still hard to believe that you are no longer here. We feel your presence from time to time, and love you dearly. We'll see you when the time comes.

Tammy Potts
1 Jul 1953-13 Jan 2002
I never got to say goodbye to you. Now your birthday is coming up and I feel the need to light a candle in your memory. To let you know the sadness I still feel over the loss of you. Even though you and I never got to know one another as adults. I feel the need to grieve and to remember what might have been and alas what will never be.

Rest in peace...

you are an angel in the sky

Robert Leroy Powell
6 Aug 1913-13 Mar 1995
To the most revered, loved father anyone could ever have, we love you Dad and will always have the memory of your love and compassion to get us through the years. With love, your son, Arthur.

Alice Powers
Died 7 Dec 1991
Born on St. Patricks day, Alice had the look of the Irish,though she was Norwegin. Big cheeks, a twinkle in the eye,and a smile like the cat that swallowed the canery. She would do anything for you, and like many generous people,her heart burst,leaving a void in the hearts of those she left behind,and yet filling us with warm memories of her. She will be missed by many,me her husband,and her two sons,Rich and Chris. Thank you Alice for the time we spent together, and I hope you still have that same wonderful smile. Until we meet again....Rich

James J. Powers
Died accidentally at General Dynamics shipyard in Quincy, Mass. night of January 30, 1976. Sadly missed and remembered by wife Loretta (who passed away in 1989) and sons James, Kevin, and Patrick.

Judith Elaine Powers
19 Aug 1958-4 May 1990
Here is to the woman that means the most to me that I know
the least about. My mother. Here are two exerpts from songs that I love and know.
From "Holes in the floor of Heaven"
There are holes in floor of heaven and your tears are pouring down that is how I know you are watching wishing you could be here now. And sometimes when I am lonely I remember you can see because there are holes in the floor of heaven and your watching over him and me.
The next from "If you get there before I do"
If you get there before I do, don't give up on me, I 'll be there when my chores are through I don't know how long I 'll be but I am not going to let you down darlin wait and see. And between now and then if I see you again I'll be missiing you. Love Me

Mom i know that we only got to share the first six years of my life together but I know that everyday you are guiding me in all that I do.
I only hope that someday my halo is as big as yours.
Love Your Baby Girl
Terri Lyne
And Son

Loretta A. Powers
Died morning of December 10, 1989 at Goddard Memorial Hospital in Stoughton, Mass. following brief diebetic coma. The wife of the late James J. Powers (died 1976), Loretta is sadly missed and remembered by sons James, Kevin, and Patrick.

Stacy Marie Powers
29 Oct 1974-8 Jul 1990
Although she left us over 6 years ago, the memories will last forever. I still can see her beautiful eyes and her beautiful smile. Rest in peace my love...

Steven Powers
Steve, it has been a long time since your untimely death. You have missed so much. We visit your grave everytime we are in Indiana. I attended our 30 year high school reunion last year, made sure you are not been forgotten. Hope you are resting in peace and gracing heaven with you presence. Your Friend, Bill Barger

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